15 injured in taxi crash

first_img15 people were injured in a taxi crash on the Bergville road yesterday afternoon (Friday).It is alleged that the driver of the minibus lost control of the vehicle and it overturned while travelling from Bergville towards Ladysmith.The vehicle rolled off the road.Sharaj Ambulance Services, ER24 and off-duty EMRS paramedics treated the injured at the scene. 4 people sustained serious injuries and were transported to hospital by Sharaj and ER24.RTI and police also responded.Traffic flow was obstructed while the injured were being treated. WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsitelast_img

Miami Beach Florida – Reported by Elite Traveler

first_imgMiami Beach, Florida – Reported by Elite Traveler, the private jet lifestyle magazineBell & Ross has always been passionate about military history, and particularly that of aviation, which made precise timekeeping one of its key navigational tools. In 2011, Bell & Ross reached a key stage in its history, updating the first wrist watches worn during the First World War: the PW1 (Pocket Watch 1), and its development into a wrist watch, the Vintage WW1 (Wrist Watch 1). This year, Bell & Ross is marking another key moment in the history of military watch making by reinterpreting Second World War navigational instruments with the Vintage WW2 Regulateur Heritage. With this new release, Bell & Ross pays tribute to the timekeeping instruments used by bomber navigators in the 1930s and 1940s. The Vintage WW2 observation watch emphasizes the minutes display, essential for aviators in calculating their position or flight speed and possessing the ergonomics and immediate legibility of a navigator’s watch.Watches of the period needed to be immediately clear to respond to the pilot’s needs and the Vintage WW2 adopts the same style with its large 49mm diameter case. To ensure perfect legibility, the minutes are displayed across the full width of the dial. This aspect is again highlighted by the sand-colored digits contrasting against the black dial. Bell & Ross has opted for a regulator movement that ensures optimum legibility of the minutes by separating the time information. The Vintage WW2 therefore features a central hand for the minutes, a counter for the hours, and a small independent seconds hand, enabling a fast and precise reading of short amounts of time. It is a swiss-made complication movement.The most characteristic identifying element inspired by the navigational instrument, the large bidirectional notched bezel, is used to mark a certain point in time. For greater comfort, the oversized crown has been placed on the left at 9 o’clock, rather than the more traditionally placed 3 o’clock. The large grooved crown and the very wide-notched bezel ensure optimal ease of use, facilitating operation while wearing gloves. As with the original timepieces, the Vintage WW2 has mobile strap fastenings which adjust to the wrist for absolute comfort. It also features a case with a gun-metal grey steel finish that conveys an aged look, giving it the appearance of a watch which has gained a patina over time. The sand-colored hands, numerals and index markers, and the mat leather strap emphasize the authentic nature of this timepiece. The Vintage WW2 Regulateur Heritage is a true embodiment of master watch-making expertise, combining a complication movement with a sophisticated case. By accurately reflecting period style, this model illustrates the watchmaking firm’s philosophy, which favors the absolute legibility of the time.www.bellross.comlast_img read more

House approves Rep Potvins recreation partnership legislation

first_img The Michigan House of Representatives today unanimously approved legislation introduced by Rep. Phil Potvin that will amend the Recreational Authorities Act to add school districts to the list of entities allowed to join a municipal recreational authority.Cities, counties, villages and townships are currently allowed to come together and form a recreational authority. House Bill 4578 would allow school districts to be included in such an authority, if approved by a vote of the public.“Recreational opportunities give a community character and attract families and visitors,” said Rep. Potvin, R-Cadillac. “Allowing schools to take part in these partnerships is a common sense move that will help encourage additional investments in our communities.”Last fall, Rep. Potvin welcomed Big Rapids City Manager Steven Sobers and Big Rapids Public Schools Superintendent Tim Haist to the House Committee on Local Government to testify in support of HB 4578 as they seek to create more recreation opportunities in the Big Rapids area.The City of Big Rapids and Big Rapids Public Schools have been working together on ways to expand community resources and recreational offerings in the greater Big Rapids area. Possible projects that may come from the creation of a recreational authority could be community centers, gardens, pools, and park improvements.“This is another tool in the tool box for communities to invest and foster improvements to the recreational resources we have here in Pure Michigan,” Rep. Potvin said. “This would bring added facilities and opportunities for the older generation, as well as our youthful population.”HB 4578 is tied to SB 481 by Sen. Darwin Booher, which ensures that any funds generated by the recreational authority remain with the authority for its operation. Rep. Potvin’s bill now heads to the Senate for consideration.##### 20Apr House approves Rep. Potvin’s recreation partnership legislation Categories: Newslast_img read more

Rep Webber posts perfect voting record for second term

first_img Categories: Webber News 08Jan Rep. Webber posts perfect voting record for second term State Rep. Michael Webber finished his second term in the state House with a perfect attendance voting record, taking part in all 1,554 votes during the 2017-2018 session.“It’s an honor to represent the residents of the Greater Rochester area in the state Legislature,” Rep. Webber said. “I take my role very seriously and pride myself on being there every day to vote on important issues affecting our state. I look forward to continuing my role as our state representative in 2019.”Rep. Webber is currently serving his third and final term in the state House, representing residents of the Greater Rochester area in Oakland County.last_img

IRS Investigating Patient Assistance Charity and Donors for Possible SelfDealing

first_imgShare58Tweet1Share3Email62 SharesJune 29th, 2017; ReutersWe were surprised to note that the U.S. Internal Revenue Service is investigating a patient assistance charity for the now relatively familiar scheme of taking so-called charitable money from pharmaceutical companies to help pay for those same companies’ medications.Since 2003, the nonprofit previously known as Chronic Disease Fund and now known as Good Days has provided more than $1 billion in assistance to patients who could not afford the co-pays for high-priced drugs for chronic and terminal diseases.In 2011, according to the IRS, around 95 percent of the $129.3 million Good Days gave in charitable assistance to patients was to pay for drugs made by the companies that had made donations to the nonprofit. “In other words, the vast majority of funds that are ‘donated’ by a pharmaceutical manufacturer are returned to it in the form of co-pay assistance,” Cathy Tai, an IRS agent wrote in the court papers.Many have talked about this practice as merely a part of any modern pharmaceutical company’s attempt to play any angle available, including the faux charity gambit, to keep prices high for those who will pay full freight while not actually killing anyone (though that may be questionable in cases of emergency medications) for their lack of ability to pay.NPQ has been following this story for a while, noting around a year ago that the Department of Justice had taken up an investigation of the drug companies’ activities under a federal law known as the anti-kickback statute. We followed up on that investigation earlier this year, and the IRS is investigating not only the nonprofit but its donors; since February, Good Days has been busy filing lawsuits in the federal courts to quash summonses the IRS served on the donor drug companies.The pharmaceutical companies receiving summonses from the IRS include Novartis AG, Roche Holding AG’s Genentech unit, Johnson & Johnson, Bayer AG, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd, and Biogen Inc.As always, Good Days claims it is “fully independent” from its donors, and the donors would have you believe the same. Genentech told Reuters it acts in accordance with the law, and Johnson & Johnson says that of course it has no control over these charities. Readers will remember that over the past year the connection between patient advocacy charities and big pharma donors has also arisen as a major issue, with some patients needing to bypass those formal entities to actually get heard in legislative settings. NPQ reported,Yesterday, Kaiser News reported on a win for patient advocates in Nevada as they goosed a bill in the legislature requiring insulin makers to disclose the profits they make on the drug necessary to the survival of the 1.25 million Americans who live with Type 1 diabetes. The cost of insulin has risen more than threefold over the last decade, only to be met with a truly stunning silence from patient advocacy nonprofits.In this case, the patients had to go it alone and without the support of patient advocacy groups like the American Diabetes Association, notable for their absence in this fight. Why so quiet? That traces back to their financial ties to the very pharmaceutical industry being challenged in such legislation. This article says that “many of the dozens of U.S. diabetes advocacy organizations, large and small, garner significant portions of their funding from insulin manufacturers.” The Nevada bill in question would require such contributions be openly disclosed.In 2016, two of the “big three” insulin producers—Eli Lilly and Sanofi—contributed at least $4.7 million to such national patient advocacy groups as the American Diabetes Association, Diabetes Patient Advocacy Coalition (DPAC), JDRF International and the Diabetes Hands Foundation, according to company disclosures. The third major insulin manufacturer, Novo Nordisk, does not disclose its charitable contributions.Even with all of these investigations, the wheels of justice and accountability continue to grind slowly on this matter.—Ruth McCambridge Share58Tweet1Share3Email62 Shareslast_img read more

Feds Sue Philly Nonprofit Safe Opioid Injection Site

first_imgShare5Tweet2ShareEmail7 Shares February 6, 2019; New York Times, KYW News Radio, and the Associated PressThe US Justice Department is suing to stop Safehouse, a Philadelphia-based nonprofit formed last year, from providing the country’s first safe injection site, reports Abby Goodnough in the New York Times. According to the Associated Press, Philadelphia has the highest opioid death rate of any large US city.Steve Tawa, reporting for KYW News, points out that both Philadelphia’s mayor, Jim Kenney, and city district attorney Larry Krasner have supported the nonprofit. Safehouse also has the backing of former Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell.The idea, Goodnough explains, is that, “At the site, a nurse practitioner or other medical provider would supervise and be ready to respond should anyone overdose after injecting drugs they brought in. The site would also provide clean needles, wound care, and referrals to addiction treatment and legal services.”Evidence from Canada suggests that safe injection sites can reduce overdose fatalities. A 2017 article in the Canadian Family Physician, for instance, found that safe injection sites “are associated with lower overdose mortality (88 fewer overdose deaths per 100,000 person-years)” and “67 percent fewer ambulance calls for treating overdoses.” The authors of that article also note that there are more than 90 safe injection sites worldwide, including one operating in Vancouver, Canada, since 2003.Safehouse in Philadelphia would be the first such safe injection site in the US, however. Goodnough does note that, “San Francisco, New York, Seattle, Denver, and Boston have also seriously considered safe injection sites as a way to reduce overdose deaths at a time when synthetic fentanyl is spreading and killing many who inject it, often within minutes.”Drug overdose deaths in the US increased in 2017 to a record 70,237, a 9.6 percent climb above 2016’s already record levels. Opioids were responsible for 67.8 percent of all drug overdose deaths. Fentanyl alone was held responsible for 28,466 deaths that year. Goodnough adds that deaths involving fentanyl increased 45 percent in 2017 and made up nearly 70 percent of all opioid overdose deaths that year.The lawsuit, filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, asks the court to declare that injection sites are illegal under the federal Controlled Substances Act. At a news conference, US Attorney William M. McSwain said his office refused to turn “a blind eye to wholesale illegal behavior.” McSwain added, “If Safehouse wants to operate at an injection site, it should work through the democratic process to try to change the law.”McSwain claimed that the suit is a “moderate, incremental, reasonable step,” in that it aims to get a judge’s ruling to shut down the safe injection site before it opens. This approach avoids arrests, prosecutions, or forfeiture hearings. Also, because the safe house is not open yet, neither drug users nor the social workers and nurses who would be treating them can be charged.Still, one has to wonder, with the opioid epidemic acknowledged by the federal government to be a national health emergency, how can interrupting a public health intervention designed to reduce opioid overdose deaths possibly be a sound use of federal prosecutorial resources?Not surprisingly, Safehouse supporters are not pleased. Speaking out after the announcement of the federal suit, Philadelphia district attorney Larry Krasner remarked, “We are not going to prosecute people who are trying to stop people from dying. We had 1,200 people die last year. I think it is inexcusable to play politics with their lives.”Rendell, who serves on the board of Safehouse, said he is willing to be arrested to defend the safe injection site. Rendell is motivated in large matter by the overdose death of a 30-year-old family friend.A lawyer for Safehouse, Ilana Eisenstein, also made it clear that the nonprofit will defend itself in court. “We are committed to defending Safehouse’s effort to provide lifesaving care to those at risk of overdose through the creation of safe injection facilities,” Eisenstein said.—Steve DubbShare5Tweet2ShareEmail7 Shareslast_img read more

Russian broadcaster CTC Media plans to produce con

first_imgRussian broadcaster CTC Media plans to produce content exclusive to its Videomore online portal next year via a new subsidiary, according to local reports.CTC’s strategy and business development chief Vyacheslav Sinadsky said that CTC Media’s Story First production arm would create a unit specifically to develop content for the internet TV service, with a focus on short-form content.Sinadsky said that CTC would continue to focus primarily on an advertising-driven model as it was not clear that a paid-for service would attract sufficient viewers.In parallel to developing Videomore, CTC is exploring the possibility of creating a new online platform in collaboration with other Russian broadcasters on the model of the US Hulu service, in which case Videomore could be closed or merged with the new service.last_img read more

France Télévisions Groupe 25 Images and four grou

first_imgFrance Télévisions, Groupe 25 Images and four groups representing French content creation professionals – the Guilde Française des Scénaristes, the Syndicat des Producteurs Indépendants, the Union Syndicale de la Production Audiovisuelle and the Société des Auteurs et Compositeurs Dramatiques (SACD) – have struck an agreement designed to improve the remuneration and conditions of employment of writers and boost the development of fiction production in the country.The agreement further develops a series of principles agreed in 2011, giving France Télévisions greater control of the different phases of development of fictional works while protecting writers from incurring financial losses in cases where projects are pulled before they get made.A second agreement between the content creator groups firms up rules governing contracts between writers and producers. The agreement provides for more secure and wide-ranging contracts to be drawn up for writers.last_img read more

UK media services provider Arqiva has named David

first_imgUK media services provider Arqiva has named David Crawford as managing director for satellite.Crawford will be responsible for the day-to-day management and strategic direction of Arqiva’s satellite business, including sales and operations for international broadcasters and its occasional use business.Crawford previously worked in roles for businesses including Capita, Cable & Wireless, Energis and Jardine Matheson.“The satellite operation at Arqiva is in an exciting place with our recent expansion into Singapore and Hong Kong, together with taking on Turner’s play-out,” said John Cresswell, CEO of Arqiva.“We’ve been looking for the right person who can continue to steer the growth of the satellite business and David brings with him years of senior strategic experience across key global markets to achieve this.”last_img read more

Intelligent caching deployed by network operators

first_imgIntelligent caching deployed by network operators can deliver an improved online video experience and will be key to the success of growing live video on the web, according to Eyal Webber-Zvik, product manager at Israel-based Qwilt, which deploys caching devices for access network operators.Addressing a session at ANGA COM this morning, Webber-Zvik pointed out that, while Netflix accounts for 57% of online video in the US, followed by Google with 17.5%. Twitch, the top live streaming site, which accounts for half of live streaming, now accounts for 1.5% of online video overall. Twitch, which offers live coverage of online ‘games masters’, has recently been in the news following rumours that Google could buy it.Webber-Zvik said that Twitch presents a particular problem for network operators because its live coverage is continuous, with leading gamers playing for long periods.“Apparently people are interested in watching gamers. Large networks can get congested,” said Webber-Zvik.Other live events that have attracted big audiences online include WrestleMania, which was ranked number three in online video in the US, and China’s professional baseball league’s live stream.“They [the Chinese baseball league] are the first in the world to go exclusively online,” said Webber-Zvik.If big events like the Olympics ultimately go exclusively online they will significantly overload networks, said Webber-Zvik.Challenges for content providers include improving average video bit-rate during peak viewing periods, said Webber-Zvik. “This is when you get the worst viewing quality,” he said. Webber-Zvik said that Qwilt’s local caching technology had delivered a 146% improvement in video quality compared with the general YouTube average.last_img read more

Over 70 of TV screens sold in Europe by 2020 will

first_imgOver 70% of TV screens sold in Europe by 2020 will be UHD capable and consumers are willing to spend up to €10 extra to receive UHD services, according to research presented at IBC by satellite operator Eutelsat.Eutelsat commissioned two waves of consumer studies in Italy, France, the UK and Germany in November 2014 and June 2015 that showed that people were willing to pay up to  €10 a month to benefit from Ultra HD in the home. Their investment threshold for new TV sets also matched current price points of between €1,000 and €3,000 for screens within the 50” range. While pay-TV subscribers showed a strong preference for linear Ultra HD channels, viewers used to free TV expressed a preference to gain their first experience through VOD and occasional, event-specific offerings.Eutelsat also presented new forecasts from GfK on Ultra HD screen sales over the coming six months and coming five years. GfK predicts a 200% hike in Ultra HD screen sales from June to December 2015. It expects sales to hit the five million mark by the end of the year, including (3.6 million in Western Europe, 700,000 in Eastern Europe and 600,000 in the Middle East, representing 9.3% of all TV sales in 21 key markets in these regions. Accumulated sales will result in a potential installed base of 6.2 million TV homes.GfK also forecasts that Ultra HD screens in 2020 will represent more than 70% of total sales across Europe and almost 60% in the Middle East and North Africa. The annual volume of screens sold in these markets is expected by then to have reached 37 million.last_img read more

Swisscom is to launch a new UHD settop box that w

first_imgSwisscom is to launch a new UHD set-top box that will support HDR content, cloud-based gaming and other features in the spring of 2016.Swisscom says that the new box will be smaller and more energy-efficient than its predecessor but will support HDR and UHD content. The company plans to offer a mix of on-demand movies, documentaries and series in UHD, following up with coverage of Swiss Super League football in UHD during the 2016-17 season. It also plans to broadcast some matches from other major competitions such as Euro2016 in the format where it can.Swisscom is also launching a new SVoD offering for French-speaking customers. The service, Play, will combine the existing Teleclub Play service and Canalplay from Canal+ Group. The combined service will initially offer about 7,500 titles, including series, films, children’s programmes, documentaries and, as an exclusive feature, a comprehensive sports archive.The Swiss operator is also updating its user interface, adding a new Replay guide that is designed to help users find the content they want from 30,000 episodes and titles available via its seven-day Replay offering. The service will be available for CHF12.90 a month.From today, the operator is adding a new Hot from the US service featuring top US series. Each episode will cost CHF3 for an SD version of CHF3.50 for HD, with the content available for five years. Around 20 hit series including Fear the Walking Dead, Gotham and Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD will be included in the offering, with each episode available as soon as the new season has begun.Swisscom has also teamed up with US on-demand games specialist Gamefly to add a games offer to its service in early 2016. Customers will need an extra controller and will be able to play streaming games via the device without the need to download them.“We want to continue growing at the current rate and overtake UPC Cablecom next year. Our new offers should provide customers with even more good reasons to switch to us,” said head of residential services Marc Werner. “Our offering is so successful because we have developed an attractive product as well as investing heavily in our infrastructure.”last_img read more

French media regulator the CSA has expressed conce

first_imgFrench media regulator the CSA has expressed concern about Canal+’s planned deal with BeIN Sport, according to local reports.According to the BFM Business news service, the CSA has highlighted numerous problems with the proposed deal in a confidential opinion passed on to the French competition watchdog.While the deal as it currently stands is centred on exclusive commercialisation of BeIN Sports by Canal+, the CSA has said that the agreement carries a risk that the pair could go further and agree not to compete for future sports rights, something that would be illegal.The media regulator also points to the fact that Canal+ already has an exclusive carriage deal with Eurosport, meaning that a deal with BeIN Sport would give it exclusive arrangements with practically all the sports rights holders in the market.According to BFM Business, the CSA has also highlighted that securing a revenue stream of €400 million a year from Canal+ would mean that BeIN Sports could be less willing to sub-license rights to free channels, as it currently does with TF1.It also points that an exclusive deal with Canal+ could have a detrimental impact on the strength of Orange, Free and SFR as distributors of TV channels.The CSA has also questioned whether the market has evolved in a way that would justify the early lifting of a block on Canal+ distributing premium channels on an exclusive basis for five years from 2012.According to the regulator, as reported by BFM Business, the relaxation of the obligation to make premium channels available to rival players could only be lifted if the competitive environment had changed enough in the interim to justify it. The CSA argues that Canal+ maintains a dominant position in the pay TV market despite changes in the market, such as the emergence of SFR as a competitor post its acquisition by Numericable. It said that Canal+ also retains a dominant position in the acquisition of sports rights, with most key rights now being held either by it or by BeIN Sports.The regulator also maintains, contrary to the position held by Canal+, that Netflix has not emerged as a significant direct competitor at this stage, given that the SVoD provider can only distribute films that are at least three years old in France, whereas Canal+ can air films 10 months after their theatrical release in the pay TV window.According to BFM Business, the CSA has also questioned whether one obligation placed on Canal+ could legally be relaxed while others remain in place. The regulator says that the premium channels obligation would be difficult to separate from other restrictions placed on Canal+ related to thematic channels.last_img read more

Liberty Globalowned German cable operator Unityme

first_imgLiberty Global-owned German cable operator Unitymedia has upgraded its networks in the city of Emmerich, bringing high-speed internet at speeds of up to 400Mbps to about 7,100 homes.The operator has upgraded and replaced amplifiers across its network, upgrading it to 862MHz. Unitymedia is investing about €1.1 million in modernising the network in the city, which is situated on the Rhine close to the Dutch border in the north-western corner of North-Rhine Westphalia.last_img

Video compression specialist VNova has acquired t

first_imgVideo compression specialist V-Nova has acquired the global patent portfolio of video imaging outfit Faroudja Enterprises. The pair did not disclose the terms of the deal. V-Nova said that the acquisition of the patent portfolio represented a strong investment by the company in its own long-term technology roadmap. It said that the Faroudja pre- and post-processing technology would further improve the efficiency of V-Nova’s Perseus compression codec, which the company says can deliver video at very low bandwidth, opening up the possibility of delivering TV services over 2G phone networks as well as delivering high-resolution video over bandwidth-constrained terrestrial fixed networks.The acquired patent portfolio consists of the Faroudja pre-processor – for use prior to compression – and post-processor –after compression decoding – platforms. The system includes techniques for video enhancement such as multidimensional video processing as well as the use of a support layer in parallel with the conventional compression path.According to V-Nova, the Faroudja technology can enhance the performance of compression standards such as MPEG-2, H.264 and HEVC as well as its own proprietary Perseus codec.Fabio Murra, SVP of marketing at V-Nova, told DTVE that V-Nova intends to use the patents to enhance its own proposition. “It is very complementary to Perseus – it uses techniques that we can use in Perseus,” he said adding that the combination of Faroudja’s image conditioning and V-Nova’s compression technology would deliver better results than either can do on its own.Murra said the Faroudja approach could help deliver improvements for Perseus as easily as it could for other codecs such as MPEG-4 and HEVC. He said that V-Nova had already worked with other compression providers such as Thomson and Harmonic to use the latter’s filtering technologies to enhance its own software.“This acquisition doesn’t take away from the work we have done so far. It allows us to take a leap forward to combine the two to get a better performance. Having this access means we can better tune both technologies,” said Murra.Murra said that V-Nova’s model of selling software packages would not change, and said the company did not intend to license Faroudja’s patents separately from its own software.“These technologies improve video performance is at the lower end of the bandwidth spectrum and at the higher end of the spectrum, including where there are bandwidth constraints, as with Sky [Italia] where we could lower the bandwidth needed to take their IPTV service from fibre to DSL, or in India where we could deliver video over 2G networks. They can make a marked difference,” he said.Murra said he believed the market is opening up to technologies such as Perseus, despite broadcasters’ traditionally cleaving to open standards-based technologies such as MPEG.“The market is in flux. We are positive about Perseus for video delivery over IP networks. There will be more and more services over managed and unmanaged networks, and more HD and 4K,” he said, adding that mobile and DSL networks are not ready to provide the kind of Quality of Service available on broadcast networks. “This bottleneck will have to be eliminated.”Murra said that while new compression technologies and investment in high-bandwidth networks such as 5G could help solve the problem, it will take a while for these to emerge. He said Perseus could help deliver results more quickly and argued that concern about a need for standards-based technology is being superseded the emergence of software-based solutions and by the growing capabilities of consumer electronics hardware.“The market is open to solutions that work. While standards are developed in order to have a silicon footprint in cheap consumer devices, now with software being more widespread, and devices being more capable, that is not the major requirement,” he said.“It is more about speed of deployment and people being open to technologies that work.”Faroudja Enterprises was founded by video pioneer and multiple Emmy Award winner Yves Faroudja, who holds over 80 patents. According to V-Nova, these technologies are capable of delivering bandwidth efficiency improvements of 30-35% over existing compression techniques.last_img read more

Emad Morcos Middle East pay TV provider OSN has st

first_imgEmad MorcosMiddle East pay TV provider OSN has struck an extended deal with Disney, enabling it to launch four additional services – Disney Channel Pop Pick Play, Disney Forever, Disney English and Disney Channel Hindi as branded on-demand services and as part of the OSN Play service.The agreement also covers first-pay movies from across The Walt Disney Studios, the launch of a Disney-branded HD movie channel and the Academy Awards.The dedicated Disney-branded HD movie channel will launch early next year.The Disney Forever On Demand service will launch in the coming months, according to OSN.The deal will enable OSN to keep exclusive rights to Disney Channels, making OSN the home of Disney XD, Disney Junior and Disney Channel HD in the MENA region.The agreement will enable OSN customers to view blockbusters from Lucasfilm such as Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Marvel titles including Doctor Strange, Disney·Pixar films such as The Incredibles 2, as well as top quality ABC Studios shows including Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder, among others.Disney XD will introduce Arabic dubbing in 2018 joining Disney Junior and Disney Channel HD, which are already available with Arabic dubbing or subtitles.Emad Morcos, chief content officer, OSN, said: “We are continuing to build on our strong collaboration with Disney through an even wider range of content that appeals to family and kids. The quality of Disney entertainment is unbeatable and the addition of more On Demand anytime, anywhere shows will offer added choices for our customers. Our long-term partnership with Disney is industry-defining as it raises the bar in home entertainment and brings even more value for our subscribers.”Chafic Najia, general manager, Disney Middle East & North Africa said: “We are delighted to build on our long-standing and dynamic relationship with OSN across the MENA region. Through offering new, dedicated channels and services, families across the Middle East and North Africa can access the premium family entertainment that Disney is world-famous for. Everyone has their own Disney favorites, and they can enjoy them and more with OSN.”last_img read more

Netflix has acquired its first online Chinese dram

first_imgNetflix has acquired its first online Chinese drama, Day and Night, and will bring in original South Korean series including A Korean Odyssey.The streaming giant revealed a deal with Youku Tudou, a Chinese streaming service under the Alibaba umbrella, for worldwide rights of Day and Night outside of China.Day and Night is a 32-episode drama series that follows the investigation of a grisly murder. Netflix will make the series available in the 190 countries it operates.As part of a multi-title partnership between Netflix and CJ E&M, the streaming service will also add A Korean Odyssey. The series is created by Studio Dragon and will be available from December.CJ E&M titles Prison Playbook and Argon will also join the Korean slate on the streaming service.Netflix originally had big plans to break into China, before citing regulatory challenges as the reason for scaling back.Since then, Netflix has made moves in the region including striking a ‘modest’ licensing deal with iQiyi, another Alibaba streaming service. It also recently ordered its first Chinese-language original from Taiwan.Yang Weidong, president of Youku and Alibaba Digital Media and Entertainment Group, said: “The cultural industry is undergoing robust growth in China, and I believe the export of high-quality content will help people around the world gain a better understanding of the soft power of China. I’m delighted that Youku can become a pioneer in driving this initiative.”last_img read more

SES has extended its deal with Telekom Srbija whi

first_imgSES has extended its deal with Telekom Srbija, which will now transmit an extra three TV channels and three radio stations for Serbian public broadcaster RTS via an Astra satellite.Telekom Srbija is leasing additional capacity on Astra and will use it to broadcast TV channels RTS1, RTS2 and RTS Poletarac and radio stations Radio Beograd 202, Radio Beograd 2 and Radio Beograd 3.Telekom Srbija and SES had a previous agreement to broadcast six TV channels and one radio station for RTS via 5 degrees East. The new deal will see it transmit the entire RTS channel portfolio at the same orbital slot.“This extension agreement is a wonderful example of how strong partnerships such as the one we have with Telekom Srbija can enable us to grow our presence in specific markets,” said Martin Ornass-Kubacki, vice president of sales for Central Eastern Europe, SES Video.“We are very pleased that RTS has decided once again to put their trust in our broadcasting services and our reliability.’’Milica Jovičić, head of wholesale department, Telekom Srbija said: “Telekom Srbija implemented six channels via SES for its customer RTS in 2017.“Recognising that SES is a reliable partner providing high-quality services, Telekom Srbija decided to implement another three channels via SES for the requirements of RTS and thus extend long-term cooperation between Telekom Srbija and SES.”last_img read more