Santa Fe also seeing benefits of good ski season

SANTA FE, N.M. — Snow this winter is helping the peaks above Santa Fe, and those ski tourist dollars are trickling into town.The Santa Fe New Mexican reports Santa Fe ski shops, hotels and restaurants report booming business like they haven’t seen in years.Cottam’s Ski Shop manager Kale Snider says this season so far is the second biggest year the shop has had.And Ski-Tech Santa Fe manager Jonah Boudreau says the area has seen the best snow since 1998 and the most tourists he’s ever seen.Snider says Ski Santa Fe has a snow base of 57 inches (145 centimetres) and snowfall of 140 inches (356 centimetres).___Information from: The Santa Fe New Mexican, http://www.santafenewmexican.comThe Associated Press

Migiro urges faster movement of women into senior UN positions

17 November 2011Deputy Secretary-General Asha-Rose Migiro today called for greater effort to raise the number of women holding senior positions at the United Nations, saying that the majority of them remain in the lower ranks although more women are now being hired to fill management posts. Since Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon took office in 2007, he has nearly doubled the number of women at or above the level of Assistant-Secretary-General, including Special Representatives, from 21 to 38, as of September this year, Ms. Migiro pointed out when she addressed a meeting of the Group on Equal Rights for Women at the UN.Over the same period, the number of women at the level of Under-Secretary-General rose from eight to 19, she said.“The Secretary-General has told all senior managers that he expects them to appoint qualified women to senior positions. This is good news – but we cannot stop until we have full equality.”The increase of women in the professional or higher categories, overall, averaged only 0.8 per cent each year over the past three years, she pointed out.“To put that into perspective, at this rate, gender parity would take not months, not years – but decades. There has been real progress in some areas – and near stagnation in others.“Increases are happening mostly at the junior levels. Women represent more than half of all P2s [professional category level 2] – or 57 per cent. But bringing more women in at lower levels is not resulting in more women at the top,” said Ms. Migiro.In its efforts to address the gender parity problem, Ms. Migiro suggested that the UN listen to women who have left the Organization before reaching leadership positions. “It is crucial that we hear directly from the affected women – and respond with concrete changes.”She also called for greater attention to making the working environment positive for all staff.“Outside the United Nations, especially in the private sector, more and more workplaces are recognizing that people need flexibility. Employers are coming to understand they need to focus on what their staff achieve rather than the specific hours they work. Our UN staff handle many outside pressures on top of their official duties,” she added. read more

Football Ohio State defensive tackle Tracy Sprinkle signs with Carolina Panthers as

Ohio State senior defensive tackle Tracy Sprinkle (93) waits for a USC snap in the second quarter of the 2017 Cotton Bowl against University of Southern USC: Jack Westerheide | Photo EditorThe Carolina Panthers signed former Ohio State defensive tackle Tracy Sprinkle as an undrafted free agent, Ohio State announced Saturday evening following the conclusion of the 2018 NFL Draft. Sprinkle played at Ohio State for four seasons, ending his college career with 20 tackles in 28 games. He was on a Buckeye defensive line that held teams to fewer than three yards per rush last season, giving up an average of just 2.94 yards per carry. Only five teams in the nation held opponents to fewer than three yards per carry.He also helped an Ohio State defense that finished last season with the sixth-fewest rushing yards allowed per game in the country.Sprinkle was not invited to the NFL combine, but participated in Ohio State’s pro day on March 22. read more


FC BarcelonahandballSpanish Super Cup FC Barcelona are on the way to win the Preliminary Group at the VELUX EHF Champions League. EHF CL finalist from the last season beat the richest world’s team PSG 33:29 (17:17) in Paris, which was the third victory for the Xavi Pascual’s team. This was also second defeat for the home team, who have a lot of problems to adapt on the high level of competing with the best European teams. ← Previous Story Weinhold saves Flensburg in Logrono – Furious Vardar win in Bern! Next Story → THIRD WIN FOR DANISH CHAMPION: KIF Kolding Kobenhavn beat Wisla!

8 ways youve definitely mortified yourself on the internet

first_img Source: ImgurShe knows it all now. She’s seen EVERYTHING.5. Heading out on the town for a bit of a session only to wake up and discover that drunk texts were the last of your worries.  Source: QuickmemeWhat on earth is going on?*clicks* Source: GiphyIt’s ok though, we know a guy who knows how to deal with this sort of thing.6. Feeding the trolls and REALLY getting into it. Source: Tumblr THE WORLD WIDE web is often heralded as one of the greatest discoveries of our time.Sure didn’t it do wonders for communications and research? AND change the way we all went about our daily lives?It also brought with it the potential for even more daily mortification though.Here are 8 ways in which you’ve managed to leave your granny scarleh’ for havin’ your ma via the internet:1. Creating a ridiculous email address when you were 14 that’s now connected to everything and therefore impossible to delete. Source: Shutterstock Source: Giphy2. Accidentally sending an email meant for a friend to your whole contacts list in work. Source: GiphyAnd now you just KNOW everyone in the office looks at you differently. Source: Imgur3. Having a rant about someone in the wrong chat window.  Source: TumblrSure you meant to send them that paragraph and a half about themselves…You were only coddin’. Source: Giphy4. Adding your ma on Facebook. It was all a bit of harmless fun to begin with.And then she started leaving you comments. Source: Pleated-jeans And spent a good hour going through all those old posts you forgot to hide. Only to have your argument torn apart by this guy. Source: Giphy7. Making a spelling or grammar mistake in a comments section or online forum. Source: GiphyGenerally involving the words your and you’re. Or their and there.While attempting to make a REALLY important point in an argument with one of these lads. Source: Giphy8. Accidentally liking a photo, tagging a photo or liking/commenting on a status while Facebook creeping. Source: GiphyDELETE DELETE DELETE.And hope to God they haven’t got email notifications switched on. Source: TumblrThere’s only one thing for it now lads. Source: Gifrific9 parents spectacularly embarrassing their children on Facebook>11 great tips for sexting, according to The Internet>last_img read more

Jailed Pussy Riot member ends hunger strike

first_imgJAILED PUSSY RIOT punk rocker Maria Alyokhina has announced an end to her hunger strike after 11 days because the prison has met her demands, the husband of Alyokhina’s bandmate said Saturday.“Maria said that the prison administration took her on a special tour of the colony, to show her that her demands have been met,” Pyotr Verzilov told AFP, adding that Alyokhina then “announced an end to her hunger strike”.Alyokhina, 24, was denied parole on May 23. She had gone on a hunger strike a day earlier in protest against the authorities’ refusal to allow her to attend the parole hearing in person.She later said that the convicts in the colony who live and work with her were locked up in their rooms and denied any movement around the colony’s territory. She suspected that the new restrictive measures were introduced to set other convicts against her.On Saturday, prison officials took her on a tour, showing her that her demands for the removal of padlocks and restrictions to convicts’ movements have been met, Verzilov said.Alyokhina is still being treated in the prison hospital.“She is in the prison hospital and is very weak, but this victory gives her strength,” he said.Alyokhina and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova — the wife of Verzilov who is held in a different prison colony – were sentenced to two years in prison last August for hooliganism motivated by religious hatred after they performed an anti-Vladimir Putin stunt in a major Moscow cathedral.Tolokonnikova’s request for parole was also denied in April.- © AFP, 2013Read: Jailed Pussy Riot member to go on hunger strikeRead: Pussy Riot member taken to hospitalRead: Jailed Pussy Riot member slams routine in ‘grey’ camplast_img read more

Irish teen dies in tragic accident in Spain

first_imgA YOUNG IRISH teenager has died in an accident in Spain.He has been named as Ryan O’Shea (19) from Killybegs, Co Donegal, and it is understood he died after falling from a wall at a resort near Torremolinos.Deputy Thomas Pringle, who is based in Killybegs, told “He was on a family holiday in Spain, where his family own an apartment.”He said that details are still filtering through about the tragic accident, and that locals were shocked by the news. “Everybody is devastated,” he said. “To hear of such a tragedy, that a family goes on holiday and one of them ends up dead.”No funeral arrangements have been made public as of yet.last_img

Dead Space 3 has over 50 worth of DLC and microtransactions

first_imgIf you’re thinking of picking up Dead Space 3 next week for $59.99 (or even $160), that’s by no means the end of the sale as far as EA is concerned. It has been revealed that the game will ship with over $50 worth of DLC spread over 11 packs for you to purchase if you so desire.The DLC packs breakdown as follows:Online Pass – $9.99Bot Capacity Upgrade – $4.99Bot Personality Pack – $4.99Bot Accelerator – $4.99Marauder Pack – $4.99Sharpshooter Pack – $4.99Tundra Recon Pack – $4.99Witness the Truth Pack – $4.99Epic Weapon & Resource Pack – $2.99Ultra Weapon & Resource Pack – $1.99Resource Pack – $0.99First Contact Pack – FreeThe most expensive option, the Online Pass, is only for gamers who buy Dead Space 3 used and want to unlock online play. The rest are a mix of bot upgrades, weapons, and suit packs you can choose to purchase.None of these are essential to playing the game, but some are quite useful. For example, spending the $15 to upgrade the scavenger bots (Capacity, Personality, and Accelerator packs) will have a big impact on the game because it will allow them to find and collect better weapon parts and resources for you.Even if you decide all the DLC is worth the cost, EA has found another way to entice you to spend even more money: micro-transactions.Dead Space 3 has a crafting system built in which players can use to get better weapons. But you need the resources to do this and in some case you or your bots may not have found what you need. If that’s the case EA will let you spend real-world money to buy the resources and complete the weapon. The one thing we don’t know yet is how much you will have to spend, but EA has suggested there will be in-game currency packs available to purchase.I’m not a fan of this type of DLC or micro-transaction in a game you are paying full price to play. DLC that offers new content is fine, but as a way of improving your chances in-game or getting ahead? It feels a bit like cheating to me.EA has every right to try and get gamers to spend more money beyond buying the game, but I would hope most gamers will choose to play the game as is and only pay for extra content. If they don’t, then this will become a more common inclusion in a growing number of titles.via Eurogamer.netlast_img read more

Un codebarres ADN pour certifier lauthenticité dun produit

first_imgUn code-barres ADN pour certifier l’authenticité d’un produitLes grands restaurants du monde entier pourront bientôt utiliser un système d’empreintes ADN afin de certifier à leurs clients l’authenticité des produits qu’ils ont commandés. Comment savoir si le caviar servi dans un restaurant est authentique ou s’il s’agit d’un substitut d’un coût inférieur? Pour résoudre une bonne fois pour toute cette problématique, la U.S Food and Drug Administration a officiellement approuvé en octobre la mise en place d’un système de code-barres ADN. Cette nouvelle technologie consiste à attribuer à chaque type de produit, une empreinte standardisée permettant son identification. Un outil rapide, fiable et extrêmement rentable qui permet de discerner en un clin d’œil la nature d’une denrée.La nouvelle technologie semble avoir déjà conquis les industries de la restauration et les fournisseurs de fruits de mer. “Quand ils vendent quelque chose de vraiment cher, ils veulent généralement prouver à leurs consommateurs la véracité de ce qu’ils ont payé” explique à l’Associated-Press, David Schindel, secrétaire exécutif du Consortium à la base de l’initiative. Il développe : “Nous allons commencer à voir un mouvement d’auto-régulation par les codes-barres commerciaux haut de gamme utilisés comme une marque de qualité”.Pour l’heure, la base de données du système de code barre ADN recouvre plus de 167.000 espèces. Une quantité considérable qui vise à s’étendre pour constituer au final une bibliothèque de référence mondiale identifiant 1,8 million d’organismes. Ce futur registre représente d’ores et déjà un outil extrêmement puissant dans la lutte des fraudes commerciales. Un outil contre les fraudes et les risques pour la santé humaine À lire aussi15 choses que l’on connaît tous vues au microscope !
En 2009, un groupe d’étudiant d’un lycée de New York ont utilisé le code barre ADN pour identifier la nourriture stockée dans leur propre cuisine. Leurs résultats montrent que le produit étiqueté comme caviar d’esturgeon étaient en réalité des œufs de polyodons du Mississippi et que le quart des échantillons de poissons recueillis présentaient de fausses désignations attribuées dans l’objectif de les vendre plus cher. En outre, le code-barres ADN permettrait de prévenir des risques pour la santé humaine  engendrés par une fraude de certification. En effet, en 2007, plusieurs personnes ont été gravement malades en mangeant du fugu, un poisson extrêmement toxique, importé illégalement de Chine et classé à tort comme de la lotte. Le 3 décembre 2011 à 16:26 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Carjacking reported at Vancouver Fred Meyer

first_imgA female was reportedly carjacked by two people late Friday morning while sitting in her vehicle in a Vancouver Fred Meyer parking lot, according to police. The victim was not injured.Vancouver police received a report of a strong-armed robbery shortly before 11:40 a.m. at Fred Meyer, 11325 S.E. Mill Plain Boulevard.The victim was sitting in her vehicle when a male and female approached, opened the driver’s door, and shoved her over and out of her vehicle, Vancouver Police Department spokeswoman Kim Kapp said in an email.The assailants stole the victim’s car, which contained her cellphone and clothing, Kapp said.No further information was immediately available.last_img

Got 65 million Buy this Star Island mansion

first_imgMIAMI (WSVN) – A Star Island home is on the market for the cool price of $65 million.The 10-bedroom mansion was built in the 1920s and has been extensively renovated.It’s currently the most expensive single-family home for sale in Miami-Dade County, according to the listing firm One Sotheby’s International Realty.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img

Oprah brings two documentaries and her book club to Apple TV Plus

first_imgOprah shared her news last at the Apple Event.  Screenshot by Lynn La/ CNET Apple CEO Tim Cook saved the biggest surprise for last regarding its Apple TV Plus streaming service. Media mogul Oprah Winfrey took the stage Monday to announce she would be bringing two documentaries to Apple TV Plus. The first documentary, with a working title of Toxic Labor, deals with sexual harassment in the workplace. The second is currently unnamed and delves into mental health, addiction, trauma, loss and more. Winfrey also said she would be bringing her famous book club to the platform. She will host live discussions with authors and readers can tune in live across Apple devices. Winfrey said Apple has reimagined how people communicate. “They’re in billions of pockets y’all,” she said. The shows are part of more than 30 shows currently in production for the company. Share your voice Aug 29 • New iPhones, Apple Watch and more: Apple’s September event preview Digital Media Mobile Apps TV and Movies More from the Apple event Apple Event Apple Now playing: Watch this: Aug 26 • Every Apple TV Plus show announced so far See All Aug 30 • Apple will launch iPhone 11 on Sept. 10 in Cupertino Oprah joins the Apple family with two new documentaries Post a comment Aug 30 • iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11R and 11 Max: Price, specs and features we expect on Sept. 10 Everything Apple announced It’s showtime for Apple’s streaming service See all our Apple event coverage • 0 reading • Oprah brings two documentaries and her book club to Apple TV Plus 3:03 Tags Apple Eventlast_img read more

PM Modi Calls Out Kailash Vijayvargiyas Son

first_imgOn Tuesday, Prime Minister Modi, pointed out at Akash Vijayvargi, who was arrested on June 26th for acting violently with a civil official and hitting him with a bat during a demolition drive, and said “beta kisi ka bhi ho, manmaani nahi chalegi.” (Mischief won’t be tolerated, no matter how influential a person’s parents may be). When confronted, Akash admit without guilt and backed his actions saying, it was the BJP’s thought process, which says “pehle aavedan, phir nivedan, aur phir dhanadhan.” which simply means, attacking after requesting. Also Read – National Herald case: Officer bearers of Congress were cheats, Subramanian Swamy tells court Advertise With Us Akash also added that he did what he did in his self defense. A grand welcome was given to Akash on release, by the party workers. His father too states that both of them were to be blamed, the Nagar Nigam Commissioner for being arrogant and Akash for mishandling the situation. The BJP secretary later said, both the parties must be made to understand their fault, and also said that it wont be repeated.last_img read more

Chitralahari full movie leaked on torrents Free download may affect its box

first_imgChitralahariTwitterSai Dharam Tej’s Chitralahari has become the latest victim of piracy as the full movie was leaked on torrents on its opening day for free download and this may affect its collection at the box office.A notorious gang, which is known for its illegal activities online, allegedly recorded the full movie during its screening in cinema halls. The gang leaked the full movie on its website for free download, even before the film completed the first day of its release. Its website offers six prints of the movie with their different sizes varying between 2.34 GB to 200 MB. It is also available to be watched online for free on the site. ChitralahariTwitterSai Dharam Tej, a young hero from the mega family, is 10 movies old in the industry, but he is yet to get a big break of his career. His previous outings like Nakshatram, Inttelligent and Tej I Love You have become utter flops at the box office. Hence, he took a long time to choose a good script for his next outing.His latest outing Chitralahari is a romantic drama with an interesting story of a loser. Packaged with all masala elements, the movie is high on emotional quotient and Sai Dharam Tej has pinned a lot of hopes on the film, which is expected to be a big hit at the box office. ChitralahariTwitterChitaralahri is getting a positive response from many filmgoers, who are bowled over by Sai Dharam Tej’s makeover and call his performance a classic. Riding on hype, the movie has opened to good occupancy and will make a superb collection at the box office on the first day. The word of mouth is likely to boost its collection on the following days.Made on a medium budget, Chitaralahri has fetched Rs 14 crore for its producer from the sale of its theatrical rights. Considering its opening and word of mouth, the movie is expected to be a profitable venture for its distributors. Mythri Movie Makers, which has bankrolled the film, has taken precautionary measure to curb its piracy and its team is said to be now busy taking down its pirated copy from the internet. ChitralahariTwitterConsidering its subject, Chitaralahri will have repeat audience, but its pirated copy, which is available online for free download, may dissuade the viewers from going to cinema halls for the second time. If it happens, the movie will eat away the profit shares of its producers and global distributors.We at International Business Times, India, are strictly against piracy of any film and we condemn people who support it. We always stand by the film industry which has suffered huge losses due to piracy. We also request you to join us in the fight against piracy.Say no to piracy and encourage filmmakers by watching films in cinema halls.last_img read more

Trailblazing KRERA order against GM Infinite flat buyers to get compensation

first_imgGM InfiniteGM InfiniteIn a major blow to real estate player GM Infinite, the Karnataka Real Estate Regulatory Authority (K-RERA) has ordered it to pay penalty until buyers get possession of their houses. The order has been issued on the basis of complaints filed by the homebuyers of GM Infinite E-City Town Phase-2 in Bengaluru for not meeting the project deadline.The K-RERA also ordered the developers to pay a penalty for not registering the project under the Real Estate Regulation and Development Act, 2017.The buyers claim that the developers were showing occupancy certificate (OC) issued by civic authorities Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) and Bengaluru Development Authority (BDA), and delivering unfinished flats.”We have sold 900 units in the first phase and 1,399 units in the second phase of the project. Our customers are satisfied with our service,” said Gulam Mustafa, the MD of GM Infinite, the TOI reported.”Only 10 buyers complained as they had vested interests. Three of them have withdrawn their complaints. As far as K-RERA’s intervention is concerned, we had clarified to the authority that if the complainants want, we are ready to pay compensation. Still, K-RERA issued this order. It’s unfortunate,” he added. Mustafa also claimed that the project was not registered under the RERA Act because it was completed before the act came into force on July 10, 2017. At that time, GM Infinite had reportedly applied for the OC and the completion certificate.According to the complainants, they had booked the flats between 2014 and 2015. The developers had promised to hand over the flats by July 2017 but failed to do so.Though the project was incomplete, the BDA allegedly issued OC to GM Infinite in June 2018. The complainants claim that they have proof of the flats being in an uninhabitable condition when the developers asked them to complete the formalities.The complainants also claim that the civic authorities are also involved in the case. They questioned how the BDA can issue OC if the project is not complete. BDA commissioner N Manjula said that she will look into the matter and take strict action against the offenders.last_img read more

Police rescue arrest missing Kalyan Party secy gen

first_imgMM Aminur RahmanThe police “rescued” the secretary general of Bangladesh Kalyan Party, MM Aminur Rahman, who remained missing for four months on Saturday morning.Bangladesh Kalyan Party is a component of Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP)-led 20-party opposition alliance.Aminur Rahman’s brother Mizanur Rahman said Aminur called them up over phone in the morning to inform them that he was at the office of detective branch (DB) of police in Dhaka.Later, Mizanur informed the matter to the press wing of BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia, said BNP chairperson’s press wing member Sayrul Kabir Khan.Kalyan Party chairman and retired major general Syed Muhammad Ibrahim told Prothom Alo that Aminur Rahman was shown arrested in a case.When contacted, DB (north) in-charge additional deputy inspector general Sheikh Nazmul Alam said, “We’ve been looking for Aminur for a long time. All of a sudden, we found his mobile phone active yesterday. Then, we rescued him by tracking his mobile phone. He has been shown arrested in a case.”Aminur had remained missing for 110 days.Earlier, North South University assistant professor Mubashar Hasan Caesar, who went missing one and half months ago, returned his home in Dhaka early Friday.Before that, journalist Utpal Das, who remained missing for more than two months, was found in Naraynaganjs Bhulta early Wednesday.last_img read more

Trumps Disloyalty Claim Abou

first_img Mark Wilson Trump’s ‘Disloyalty’ Claim About Jewish… by NPR News Domenico Montanaro, Tamara Keith 8.22.19 5:00am President Trump doubled down Wednesday on remarks that American Jews who vote for Democrats are disloyal to Israel.”In my opinion, you vote for a Democrat, you’re being very disloyal to Jewish people, and you’re being very disloyal to Israel,” Trump told reporters outside the White House Wednesday, “and only weak people would say anything other than that.”It was the second time in two days the president questioned the loyalty to Israel of Jewish people who vote Democratic. On Tuesday, he questioned their smarts, too. “I think any Jewish people that vote for a Democrat, I think it shows either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty,” Trump said from the Oval Office.Trump’s comments display a lack of understanding of how and why Jewish Americans vote the way they do, which is overwhelmingly Democratic. While Israel is a threshold issue for Jewish voters, it is not determinative to the votes of most of them — and many don’t agree with President Trump’s or Republicans’ approach to Israel. Jewish people who vote Democratic care about what Democrats care about — social justice, health care, climate change, the welfare of immigrants and more.Voters who identify as Jewish made up only about 3% of the U.S. electorate in recent presidential elections, but they have voted overwhelmingly Democratic. Since 1968, in fact, Jewish voters have voted on average 71% for Democrats. That was the exact number that went for Hillary Clinton in 2016.Their voting power in presidential elections can be felt in competitive states, like in south Florida, the north Philadelphia suburbs and to a lesser degree in Pittsburgh, Las Vegas, Cleveland, Detroit and outside Atlanta and Denver.Trump hopes to peel off some Jewish voters in what’s expected to be a close reelection fight. He’s trying to highlight comments by Democratic Reps. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan, who have been hotly critical of Israel. Omar, in particular, has been criticized for some of her remarks.Democratic leaders and many rank-and-file Democratic elected officials have tried to distance themselves from their views. Trump, though, has tried to, as he says, make the congresswomen “the face of the Democratic Party” in an attempt to help him next year.But his strategy of highlighting Democrats’ not walking in lockstep with Israel has been tried before — to no avail for Republicans. Think: President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran or his criticism of Israeli settlement expansion. Obama still won 69% of the Jewish vote in 2012 and 78% in 2008.What’s more, Jewish voters went for Democrats in the 2018 midterms by an even higher percentage — 79%. And that was after Trump moved the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.”We see evidence that it [the Jewish vote] is moving even more towards Democrats now during Trump’s presidency,” said Jim Gerstein, a Democratic pollster. He added that American Jews don’t even necessarily agree with Trump’s policies toward Israel — and they have other concerns.”They’re so hostile to Trump himself because of all the immigration issues and white nationalism and the rise of anti-Semitism, all that makes them so hostile to him that anything he says or does doesn’t matter — even if they were to agree with it,” said Gerstein, who called views of Israel “a threshold issue” for Jewish voters. “But they don’t necessarily agree with him on the Israel stuff to begin with.”Jewish voters, like Catholics, vote less based on religion, but more reliably on their partisan identification. In other words, if someone is a Republican, they vote like one and vice versa. Disloyalty, “a centuries-old anti-Semitic idea”The “disloyalty” claim reminds some of an anti-Semitic trope. “This loyalty claim or disloyalty claim is actually a centuries-old anti-Semitic idea that dates back to European monarchies,” said Rabbi Alissa Wise, deputy director of Jewish Voice for Peace. “This idea that Jews are somehow disloyal to or have more loyalty to an entity outside of the state to which they live.”It’s something for which Omar also faced criticism in February when she said, “I want to talk about the political influence in this country, that says it is OK for people to push for allegiance to a foreign country.”The Trump campaign argues that Democrats are the ones who “embrace and defend the most vitriolic anti-Semites in their midst” and are “excusing and permitting such anti-Jewish venom to be spewed so freely,” said Michael Glassner, the Trump campaign’s chief operating officer, in a statement.Trump’s comments Wednesday also came a day after referred to Omar and Tlaib when he said, “Where has the Democratic Party gone, where they’re defending these two people over the state of Israel?”Trump’s remarks prompted a conservative radio host to call him the “King of Israel,” a set of comment that Trump retweeted. Under pressureTlaib and Omar were initially denied entry into Israel for a planned trip earlier this month, because of their support for boycotts of the country. The decision from Israel came after Trump urged it. He all but taunted Israel, saying on it “would show great weakness” if Israel let the two American congresswomen in.Israel relented and said it would allow Tlaib entry to see her grandmother on the West Bank, as long as she didn’t voice support for boycotts on her trip. Tlaib decided she would not go and called the conditions “oppressive.”In a teary-eyed news conference Monday, Tlaib accused Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of taking “a page out of Trump’s book.”Meanwhile, Democrats in the House, who don’t always agree with Omar and Tlaib, are furious with Israel’s ambassador to the United States, Ron Dermer, for his role in the controversy, the Jerusalem Post reported. Democrats may not take any more meetings with him, the paper reported, especially after Democratic leaders thought they had gotten assurances that the two congresswomen would be allowed to travel. There has long been a degree of distrust between Democrats and Dermer, because he had worked as a Republican operative and helped orchestrate Netanyahu’s speech to Congress in 2015, when Republican John Boehner was speaker, in which Netanyahu criticized then-President Obama’s policy toward Iran.The Trump campaign apparatus went into overdrive on the subject Wednesday. Kayleigh McEnany, a campaign spokeswoman, blasted the BDS Movement, which seeks boycott, divestment, sanctions of Israel as well as an end to international support because of Israel’s treatment of Palestinians. “It is an actual movement that seeks to destroy the state of Israel by boycotting them,” she said on Fox News Wednesday. “It is the same goal as Iran, who wants to wipe Israel off the face of the map. It is an anti-Semitic movement. It is disgusting.”But is what Trump and his campaign are doing about winning over Jewish voters at all?Jeremy Ben-Ami of the progressive Jewish lobbying group J-Street doesn’t think so. They seem more aimed at exciting the Trump base, Ben-Ami said.”Israel is an issue not simply for the Jewish community,” he noted. “It is an evangelical issue. It’s an issue in many red states. And it is comparable as a cultural divide on things like guns, abortion and other culture war issues.”Trump has certainly sought to use cultural grievances as a way to keep his base on board throughout his presidency.And if that happens to peel away some voters in the process — or make them stay home — all the better.Copyright 2019 NPR. To see more, visit NPR.last_img read more

Trans killings are at an all time high in the US in

first_imgThe killings of trans people in the US are at an all-time high this year.At least 25 trans people have been killed in homicides in the US this year. The #LwiththeT campaign made us cry tears of joy, but now we need to go a step furtherThe #LwiththeT campaign made us cry tears of joy, but now we need to take it further11th trans woman murdered in US this year after fatal shootingPINK NEWS- A youth survey was also carried out by the HRC following Trump’s election.It found that 70 percent of respondents had witnessed bullying and harassment since the election last year.Almost half of respondents said they had attempted to hide their identity since President Trump took office.The report was released this week to mark Transgender Day of Remembrance, which takes place on Monday 20 November.Derricka Banner, who was shot last month was the 20th trans person unlawfully killed in the US in 2017.Trans man Kashmire Redd, 28, was stabbed several times and killed a week before Banner, allegedly during an argument between him and Doris Carrasquillo (pictured below), who he shared an apartment with, becoming the 19th trans person to be killed in the US this year.Redd’s death came just weeks after Kiwi Herring was shot dead by local police in Missouri.Herring was the 18th trans person to be killed this year, and the rest of the victims are largely trans women of colour.Shocking CCTV footage released this weekend showed a trans woman being shot in the back during a robbery in Detroit.The 36-year-old woman was shot during the robbery after two men got out of their car and pointed a gun at her.In the footage released by police, the woman is seen dropping her bag and attempting to slowly back away.Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… The Human Rights Campaign on Friday revealed that 102 trans people have been killed in the US in the past five years.But this year, the number of killings reached an all-time high at 25.Another report from the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs states that the number of trans people killed in 2017 is 26.But both the HRC and the NCAVP say that their numbers may be incomplete as trans people are misgendered in reports.Of the 6,121 hate crimes reported to the @FBI in 2016, 1,076 were based on sexual orientation bias and 124 were based on gender identity bias.— HumanRightsCampaign (@HRC) November 18, 2017The HRC points the finger at President Trump and his Administration.In a tweet, the organisation said that out of 6,121 hate crimes in 2016, 1,076 were based on sexual orientation bias and 124 were based on gender identity bias.“Since the election of Donald Trump and Mike Pence, there has been a notable increase in the vitriol and anti-transgender rhetoric – from the top levels of government down through the rest of American society,” the group said in a statement.A 47 page report from the HRC also expands on the claims, saying that the President encourages discriminatory legislation.“President Trump and his administration have both directly and indirectly exacerbated existing injustices long endured by transgender Americans, while encouraging intolerant lawmakers to push an onslaught of discriminatory legislation at federal, state and local levels,” the report adds. eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us)last_img read more

ObjectiveEd is building a better digital curriculum for visionimpaired kids

first_imgThat’s great for documentation for the mandated IEP paperwork, and difficulty can be changed on the fly as well:“The teacher can set the game to get harder or faster automatically, or move onto the next level of complexity automatically (such as never repeating the prompt when the child hesitates). Or the teacher can maintain the child at the current level and advance the child when she thinks it’s appropriate.”This isn’t meant to be a full-on K-12 education in a tablet app. But it helps close the gap between kids who can play Mavis Beacon or whatever on school computers and vision-impaired kids who can’t.[embedded content]Practical measuresImportantly, the platform is not being developed without expert help — or, as is actually very important, without a business plan.“We’ve developed relationships with several schools for the blind as well as leaders in the community to build educational games that tackle important skills,” Schultz said. “We work with both university researchers and experienced Teachers of Visually Impaired students, and Certified Orientation and Mobility specialists. We were surprised at how many different skills and curriculum subjects that teachers really need.”Based on their suggestions, for instance, the company has built two games to teach iPhone gestures and the accessibility VoiceOver rotor. This may be a proprietary technology from Apple, but it’s something these kids need to know how to use, just like they need to know how to run a Google search, use a mouse without being able to see the screen, and other common computing tasks. Why not learn it in a game like the other stuff?Making technological advances is all well and good, but doing so while building a sustainable business is another thing many education startups have failed to address. Fortunately, public school systems actually have significant money set aside specifically for students with special needs, and products that improve education outcomes are actively sought and paid for. These state and federal funds can’t be siphoned off to use on the rest of the class, so if there’s nothing to spend them on, they go unused.ObjectiveEd has the benefit of being easily deployed without much specialty hardware or software. It runs on iPads, which are fairly common in schools and homes, and the dashboard is a simple web one. Although it may eventually interface with specialty hardware like Braille readers, it’s not necessary for many of the games and lessons, so that lowers the deployment bar as well.The plan for now is to finalize and test the interface and build out the games library — ObjectiveEd isn’t quite ready to launch, but it’s important to build it with constant feedback from students, teachers and experts. With luck, in a year or two the visually-impaired youngsters at a school near you might have a fun new platform to learn and play with.“ObjectiveEd exists to help teachers, parents and schools adapt to this new era of gamified learning for students with disabilities, starting with blind and visually impaired students,” Schultz said. “We firmly believe that well-designed software combined with ‘off-the-shelf’ technology makes all this possible. The low cost of technology has truly revolutionized the possibilities for improving education.” Children with vision impairments struggle to get a solid K-12 education for a lot of reasons — so the more tools their teachers have to impart basic skills and concepts, the better. ObjectiveEd is a startup that aims to empower teachers and kids with a suite of learning games accessible to all vision levels, along with tools to track and promote progress.Some of the reasons why vision-impaired kids don’t get the education they deserve are obvious, for example that reading and writing are slower and more difficult for them than for sighted kids. But other reasons are less obvious, for example that teachers have limited time and resources to dedicate to these special needs students when their overcrowded classrooms are already demanding more than they can provide.Technology isn’t the solution, but it has to be part of the solution, because technology is so empowering and kids take to it naturally. There’s no reason a blind 8-year-old can’t also be a digital native like her peers, and that presents an opportunity for teachers and parents both.This opportunity is being pursued by Marty Schultz, who has spent the last few years as head of a company that makes games targeted at the visually impaired audience, and in the process saw the potential for adapting that work for more directly educational purposes.“Children don’t like studying and don’t like doing their homework,” he told me. “They just want to play video games.”It’s hard to argue with that. True of many adults too, for that matter. But as Schultz points out, this is something educators have realized in recent years and turned to everyone’s benefit.“Almost all regular education teachers use educational digital games in their classrooms and about 20% use it every day,” he explained. “Most teachers report an increase in student engagement when using educational video games. Gamification works because students own their learning. They have the freedom to fail, and try again, until they succeed. By doing this, students discover intrinsic motivation and learn without realizing it.”Having learned to type, point and click, do geometry and identify countries via games, I’m a product of this same process, and many of you likely are as well. It’s a great way for kids to teach themselves. But how many of those games would be playable by a kid with vision impairment or blindness? Practically none.Held backIt turns out that these kids, like others with disabilities, are frequently left behind as the rising technology tide lifts everyone else’s boats. The fact is it’s difficult and time-consuming to create accessible games that target things like Braille literacy and blind navigation of rooms and streets, so developers haven’t been able to do so profitably and teachers are left to themselves to figure out how to jury-rig existing resources or, more likely, fall back on tried and true methods like printed worksheets, in-person instruction and spoken testing.And because teacher time is limited and instructors trained in vision-impaired learning are thin on the ground, these outdated methods are also difficult to cater to an individual student’s needs. For example a kid may be great at math but lack directionality skills. You need to draw up an “individual education plan” (IEP) explaining (among other things) this and what steps need to be taken to improve, then track those improvements. It’s time-consuming and hard! The idea behind ObjectiveEd is to create both games that teach these basic skills and a platform to track and document progress as well as adjust the lessons to the individual.How this might work can be seen in a game like Barnyard, which like all of ObjectiveEd’s games has been designed to be playable by blind, low-vision or fully sighted kids. The game has the student finding an animal in a big pen, then dragging it in a specified direction. The easiest levels might be left and right, then move on to cardinal directions, then up to clock directions or even degrees.“If the IEP objective is ‘Child will understand left versus right and succeed at performing this task 90% of the time,’ the teacher will first introduce these concepts and work with the child during their weekly session,” Schultz said. That’s the kind of hands-on instruction they already get. “The child plays Barnyard in school and at home, swiping left and right, winning points and getting encouragement, all week long. The dashboard shows how much time each child is playing, how often, and their level of success.”last_img read more

Moths hold El Alamein Dinner

first_imgWebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite The Siegetown Moths held their annual El Alamein dinner on Saturday evening at the Shellhole.The annual parade, dinner and dance is a commemoration of a battle in which thousands of soldiers laid down their lives in 1942. The Moths started the proceedings with the parade, where youth pastor Darryl Davie shared an inspiring message. The parade was concluded by piper Doug McMaster playing a moving piece on his bagpipes. Toasts were made, speeches delivered and awards given to outstanding Moth members.The Siegetown ladies did an outstanding job of preparing a mouth-watering three-course meal.last_img