Flamengo signs Michael to replace Reinier, near Madrid

first_imgContinue chanting os fãs do verdadeiro futebol brasileiro com sua humildade e criatividade 🤖💚P.S: Volta logo, beleza ??? pic.twitter.com/U5PUnEgGdK– Goiás Esporte Clube (@goiasoficial) January 10, 2020 Madrid will close the signing of Renier Jesus in the next few days. The white club will pay 30 million to Flamengo and sign the young Brazilian for six and a half seasons. Before the imminent departure of Reinier, the Brazilian club has already sought substitute. This is Michael, a player who comes from Goiás. The Flamengo, champion of the League of Brazil and the Copa Libertadores in 2019, hired forward Michael Michael as reinforcement for the current season, that at 23 and as Goiás club scorer, he was chosen as the biggest revelation last year of the main local tournament.Although the club in Rio de Janeiro refrained from confirming the hiring and clarified that it is still waiting for the conclusion of the negotiations, the Goiás admitted it in a message that it published this Friday in its account in Twitter and in which he said goodbye to Michael and thanked him for the services rendered. “Thank you Michael. Continue to captivate true Brazilian soccer fans with your humility and creativity. But come back quickly,” the Goiania city club announced in its official account by confirming the player’s exit. According to press releases, the most popular club in Brazil he offered the striker a contract for five seasons and paid 7.5 million euros for their federative rights, a record value in transactions between local clubs by a Brazilian player.The attacker was also targeted by the Corinthians, But the São Paulo club gave up negotiations last week because of high values ​​and left Flamengo free.Michael was one of the most outstanding players in the Brazilian League last year, with 9 goals in 35 games with the humble Goiás, a club that surprised to conclude in the tenth position of the classification on his return to the first division.Michael is the fourth Flamengo booster for the current season after the hiring of the strikers also Thiago, from the Nautical, and Pedro Rocha, from Spartak Moscow, as well as the defender Gustavo Henrique, who played in Santos.The Brazilian champion also negotiates the hiring of the young attacker Pedro, that the Fluminense sold to Italian Fiorentina last year.Flamengo has so far hired three new strikers and negotiates a quarter even though he still does not know if he can continue with Gabriel Barbosa, ‘Gabigol’, the scorer of the Brazilian Championship and the Copa Libertadores, who played until last December at the Rio club de Janeiro on loan from Inter Italian Milan.The Carioca group negotiates with the Italian the acquisition of the rights of Gabigol, but so far it has not reached any agreement.Shortly before saying goodbye to Michael, Goiás announced that he will replace him with Argentine forward Daniel ‘Keko’ Villalva, 27, formed at the base of the River Plate and that arrives in Brazil from the Mexican Veracruz.last_img read more

Rafa Benítez, the trick of Mohammed bin Salman

first_imgMike Ashley, owner of Newcastle United, is in full negotiation for the sale of the club to Saudi prince Mohammed bin Salman, principal figure of the royal family of the Arab country. Ashley has an offer of more than 400 million euros on the table but the deal is not yet closed.The club faces a difficult time and is that the fans are polarized among those who agree with the sale, understanding that investment in Newscastle will increase compared to those who consider that the entry of the Saudi royal family into the club is part of an operation of face washing through the sport of a country that generates controversy with respect to respect for human rights, a line of thought to which the International Aminist organization has joined publicly. If it occurs, the landing of Saudi property could bring back an old acquaintance. According to Daily Mirror, Rafa Benítez is the favorite to reoccupy the magpies bench. The Spanish, current coach of Dalian Yifang, is an idol among the fans of St James’ Park and already rang to return to England after the dismissal of Pellegrini in West Ham United. Thus, according to the British press, bin Salman will try to unite a hobby that has serious doubts about his entry into the club.last_img read more

Barça swirls with the nine-patch

first_imgApparently, Barça must decide on Thursday which striker will sign to cover the long-term loss of Ousmane Dembélé. Josep Maria Bartomeu, president of the club azulgrana, has heard the request of Quique Setién, which needs an incorporation at the top. But really, in Can Barça No one believes this operation. It is obvious that the Barca team has a numerical need, but the economic tightness has limited it to the point that, according to Sports world Y Sport, the three finalists with Lucas Pérez (Alavés), Loren (Betis) Y Angel (Getafe). Barça seems to be taking the risk to sign a forward who does not believe because his plan is another. The preference of the technical secretariat headed by Eric Abidal is to sign an important striker (Lautaro Martínez) next season. This patch was not planned and nobody sees clearly make an investment of ten or more million euros for three months Some reports of Lucas Pérez advise against his signing; Loren’s second season at Betis did not convince Setién; and Angel was dismissed informally for a week. The paradox can be consummated in the coming days. That Barça signed a soccer player in which he does not believe, and all for a scenario that he has sought after the marches of Carles Pérez to Rome Y Abel Ruiz to the Braga Sporting.At the same time, Barça finishes completing the medical report that it will send to the LaLiga medical commission and the FEF mutual fund to prove that the loss of Dembélé will reach six months. The doctor who operated on Dembélé, Lasse Lempeinen, guaranteed Ace That is the time that must be stopped: “This injury on the right side is larger and more demanding than the injury on the left side that I operated in 2017. My estimate is that the withdrawal time will be six months.” As soon as it has been approved, it will launch for the signing. From inside the club it is dropped that there is a cover, but the situation is really strange. Everyone has the feeling of doing something they are not convinced about. And in everyone’s memory, of course, there is the case Boateng.last_img read more

Zidane: “Hazard’s thing is a blow in the area of ​​his injury; it doesn’t look good …”

first_imgZinedine Zidane appeared before the media after falling in the Ciutat de Levante and leaving the lead. It was not the only bad news for the Real Madrid coach, who saw Hazard leave again injured in his ankle. Zidane was not optimistic …Sensations. “We have come a lot in the first and it is the only thing we missed. We started very well. The goal is the most important thing in football. They in the second half came once. Football is screwed because in two games we lose five points We have had good times in the season, but now we have lost five points. Next week we play everything. We have to get the good we have had so far and win again. We have to raise our heads. “Two pricks: “We lost 5 points in two games, that’s what it is. It has been difficult for us to score the goal. The first part was very good. We did good things and we missed the goal that would have come in handy. They came once and scored a goal. “Fucked, because I think we didn’t deserve this today, especially today. You have to lift your head, know what happened and think about the next two games that we played all. I’m a little upset because my players have given everything. It’s a bad time for us. We have a game on Wednesday and on the weekend also the League. “ Hazard. “Bad feelings. It is a blow in the area of ​​his injury and does not look good. We will see what will happen to him.”Classic. “We after these games know that we have to win. We will do everything possible to return to the League. But first we have a game on Wednesday. We know the importance of these two games.”What worries you most? “Nothing to me. This is football. We had very good moments this season and we must not lower our arms for these two games. We have to think that this can be done with courage and energy. This is football.”Madrid from more to less. “It is clear that today we went from more to less. It cost us a little in the second part. They came once and scored a goal. It is reality. Now we know that we can move forward with this. We need everyone’s energy to move this forward. “Now we’re all screwed up, annoyed. It’s a defeat we don’t like, but football as always in three days you have a game.”Time of the season: “We know that next week we play everything. You have to be prepared. Good times we have had now is bad you have to have your head up and get things moving forward.”last_img read more

Aleix Vidal: “The criticism of the coach’s changes is already spoken and overcome”

first_imgAleix Vidal is one of the players who gives more game in the Alavés. Either for its quality, for its conflicting gestures or for its criticisms of Garitano when he makes defensive changes. “That is already spoken and overcome. I said it in his day, I was wrong in the forms and apologized to the coach and the teammates. Here there is a large group and those things are fixed because we get along very well, “he said.On the march of the team, he said that “I think we are in a good line. Taking 30 points at this point of the season is not bad. In the first round we had more problems to add away from Vitoria but now we are getting points in Mendizorroza and also at the exits. That’s the way but, until there are four days left and we have 12 points compared to those who go down, I will not be calm. We have a very hard end, “he added. From a personal point of view, he acknowledged that “I am very well in Vitoria, in every way. Nor should we give details about one’s personal life but I would not mind talking about my future here. But it is not up to me since I belong to Seville, I’m on loan and many things can happen. “ Vidal is one of the unquestionable for Asier Garitano but he is in a position with a lot of competition. In their demarcation they can play Borja, Burke, Rioja, Edgar or Camarasa. Burgui, seeing the panorama, went to Zaragoza. “I think that’s good, it makes you more attentive and try to play better so you can have minutes,” Aleix Vidal warned.For Tarragona, “what makes you happier is usually to score goals but I’m not here with that main task. I know that I have to work in defense in the first instance and then, if I can attend, take a good pass or score, then much better. ”He also spoke of his injury a few years ago in Mendizorroza for a hard entry of Theo Hernández when the Frenchman I played at Alavés. “I said in my presentation that I had an outstanding account with this field, with that corner. But I think I’ve had a good year and, in that sense, the matter is already settled. “last_img read more

Lindelof ‘draws’ the COVID-19 and trains in Sweden with a second

first_imgLindelof has the approval of his club, Unitedas well as his coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær, to participate in the training sessions of his old club, the Vasteras SK. The defender, 25 years old, has managed to cope with the UK training ban since, at the moment, in Sweden the sport is not blocked. The Swedish government clings to the common sense of its population to control the spread of COVID-19 and allows football matches to take place, although the Swedish league will not start. At the moment, friendly matches are held for both men’s and women’s football. Victor Lindelof, central of Manchester United, has a small advantage over the rest of his classmates Premier. For a few days, train normally in Sweden, your country of origin. Lindelof takes advantage of being in the Scandinavian country to continue with the training without any problem, against the rest of the Premier League footballers who must settle for small individual sessions, forced by the COVID-19 pandemic. Lindelof grew up in the Vasteras quarry until jumping in 2012 to Portuguese football, from the hand of Benfica. In 2017, he was transferred to the red devils, at an express request from the then coach, José Mourinho. “The initiative came from his part. We are delighted and happy to be able to count on him,” said Robin Blommé, sports director of the city club of the same name, and which the newspaper reports. Fotbollskanalen.last_img read more

The trial against the Al Thani next Wednesday is still on hold

first_imgThe Investigating Court Number 14 of Malaga had summoned for this Wednesday to declare Abdullah Al Thani and his sons Nasser, Nayef and Rakan. The sheik and his sons were dismissed from their duties on the Board of Directors by the judge who appointed a judicial administrator, José María Muñoz. In addition, they were warned that, if they did not appear, an arrest warrant could be issued.The exceptional the world is experiencing due to the coronavirus crisis opens a question: Will this hearing be held or will it be postponed? Over the next few hours a decision is expected. The Association of Small Shareholders (APA) is waiting for a communication from the court that could arrive this Monday. The defendant (Al Thani and his children) did not appear at the hearing on February 18 where the appeal for reform filed by the APA was to be discussed. so that the judicial intervention of the club was decreed. Three days later, the Al Thani ceased their functions and the appointment of the aforementioned judicial administrator was decreed for six months. They were also required to jointly present a bond of 5,443,566 euros to ensure possible civil liabilities that could arise from the events. The sheikh has appealed this sentence.As will be remembered, the act of removing the gazebo, near La Rosaleda, which bore the name of the sheihk, has already been postponed. and that it was scheduled for March 24. It should also be remembered that judicial acts and acts are suspended. It will be the aforementioned court who communicates whether or not there is a hearing next Wednesday.last_img read more