Assessor County home values on rise

first_imgTest Caption Your value is on the rise Clark County.After five years of seeing the valuation of homes drop county wide, Clark County Assessor Peter Van Nortwick says the valuation of most homes in the county is expected to jump about 10 to 15 percent this year.And no, he warns, that does not mean your taxes will necessarily go up as a result.“This is a good thing, and it definitely means housingvalues are rebounding,” Van Nortwick said. “But the bottom line for a lot of people is to understand that just because the assessed value of their homes goes up, that doesn’t mean the taxes go up, as well.”Perhaps the best way to explain it is that in a budget-based system, when values go up, rates go down.The long form explanation is that the formula for determining levy rates in Washington divides a taxing district’s budget into the total assessed value of property.Van Nortwick said that means when property value increases, most levy rates decrease, resulting in many paying a similar amount of property taxes.But note the word “many.”“For some districts, they will pay more,” Van Nortwick said, “But that is because the levy rates were at its statutory limit.”Van Nortwick said, “many taxing districts have a statutory limit on the levy rate. When a district’s levy rate hits its statutory limit, they can’t collect any additional funds, even if it is below the district’s highest lawful budget.”For example, Van Nortwick said, “a district’s highest lawful budget could require a levy rate at $3 per $1,000 of assessed valuation. But if the statutory limit for the district is set at $2.50 per $1,000 valuation, the tax district may not be able to collect the highest lawful levy.”last_img read more

Coast Guard saves dog 2 boaters off Haulover Inlet

first_imgHAULOVER BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) – Two boaters and a dog have the United States Coast Guard to thank for their rescue off the coast of South Florida, Sunday.A helicopter crew from Coast Guard Station Fort Lauderdale made the save and after the group’s boat began taking on water near Haulover Inlet.After the save, the rescuers took a photo with the boaters and their dog.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img

Meredith National Media Group Ad Revenue Down Almost 12 Million in Fiscal

first_imgA company press release specifies that 5 percent of these visitors accessed Meredith’s sites from mobile devices. Meredith Corp. saw a busy first quarter in fiscal 2012: the rebranding of its marketing services group as Meredith Xcelerated Marketing; the launch of ROI guarantee Meredith Engagement Dividend; and the somewhat rocky acquisition of RDA’s Every Day with Rachael Ray magazine. Also during this time, Meredith’s National Media Group experienced a drop in print and digital advertising revenue from the same period in 2010, falling from $135.5 million to $124.4 million. Circ remained almost flat at $66.6 million; first fiscal quarter 2010 totaled $65.3 million in circulation revenue.According to Meredith chairman/CEO Stephen Lacy, “Print and digital advertising revenues continue to be challenged – primarily the food and beverage and pharmaceutical categories – due to higher commodity cost pressures and fewer pharmaceutical drugs in the marketplace.”Despite ad struggles, Meredith’s digital presence continues to grow. Online sub purchases doubled in during 2011’s fiscal first quarter, now up to 400,000. Monthly unique visitors also grew during this time, spiking 25 percent to 24 million; page views were also up, increasing 35 percent to 300 million.last_img read more

JaPa candidates motorcade vehicle of Ronys wife attacked

first_imgThe attacked vehicle of BNP candidate in Patuakhali-3 Golam Maula Rony in Patuakhali on Saturday, 15 Dec, 2018. Photo: UNBThe motorcade of Jatiya Party candidate for Manikganj-2 and the vehicle of Patuakhali-3 BNP contestant’s wife allegedly came under attack in Manikganj and Patuakhali districts on Saturday, reports UNB.In Manikganj, leaders and activists of Juba League reportedly attacked the motorcade of former member of parliament and Jatiya Party runner from Manikganj-2 parliamentary seat SM Abdul Mannan in Kanthapara of Harirampur upazila in the afternoon, leaving nine people injured.Mannan claimed that the Juba League men swooped on his motorcade equipped with sticks around 2:30pm as they reached Kanthapara for electioneering.They vandalised his vehicle and several motorcycles, he said.In Patuakhali, the vehicle carrying the family members of BNP candidate in Patuakhali-3 Golam Maula Rony, including his wife Runu Begum and sister, was attacked in Madina Masjid of Golachipa upazila at noon.Former Golachipa municipality chairman Abu Taleb Miah, who also inside the vehicle, was injured in the attack.Runu alleged that Awami League activists attacked and vandalised the vehicle.However, Golachipa upazila Awami League general secretary Golam Mostafa Titu denied the allegation, saying BNP’s internal feud was behind the attack.Akhter Morshed, officer-in-charge of Golachipa police station, said they received a complaint in this regard and will take necessary steps.last_img read more

Baltimore Grief Camp Provides Needed Outlet

first_imgTwo campers share a hug at Roberta’s House. (Photos Courtesy Roberta’s House/Shantivia Brown)Annette March-Grier is no stranger to death and grief. “I was born into and grew up around the funeral industry,” the now-55-year-old said.March-Grier’s parents were founders of March Funeral Homes, one of the premier mortuary companies among Blacks in Baltimore.As a young woman, March-Grier fled the business of death and spent years as a registered nurse. But after several years at Johns Hopkins, the prodigal daughter returned to the family business and used her experience as a healer to make a mark.“Interestingly enough, I saw grief from a new perspective,” she said. “I saw how untreated grief led to poor health, substance abuse, domestic abuse and other forms of violence, and I saw there needed to be much more education and understanding about grief and loss in our community.”After obtaining training and education in grief counseling, March-Grier began running an adult bereavement support group over the next 30 years.“I discovered [that] in urban communities, families are dealing with multiple types of losses,” she said.Inner-city communities such as Baltimore are often plagued by violence, high unemployment and incarceration rates, foreclosures and homelessness, poor health and high rates of illness.“We provide support for families to understand their grief and adjust to the losses in their lives and learn coping skills that lead to productive lives and healthy outcomes,” she said.But those services were being offered in a veritable vacuum, in which even churches—who were also conducting many funeral services in Baltimore—seemed to lack the necessary tools, including trained staff, to cater to the overwhelming need for grief counseling.“Many of the participants in the group support sessions said they would get very angry with their pastor or church members because they felt they were not understood,” March-Grier said. “They would get all the Scriptures and clichés about being strong and having a strong faith and ‘you’ll see your loved one again’…. But those clichés could be very hurtful and harmful to people when they are going through their hard times.”The paucity of grief counseling services was particularly acute for children, March-Grier found. But that’s par for the course, said Derrick Gordon, assistant professor of psychiatry, Yale School of Medicine.“In urban communities there aren’t a lot of resources to help these (grieving) young people,” Gordon said. And, even when there are services available, “there aren’t support staff who understand, look like or have a cultural connection to the people they are meant to serve.“There isn’t a silver bullet when it comes to dealing with these situations,” the Yale professor added. “But a targeted response that meets those kids where they are to shepherd them through the process of healing is necessary.”In 2006, the personal loss of her mother, Julia Roberta March, set March-Grier on the path to providing that targeted response. She established Roberta’s House—named after her mother—which primarily provides psychological first aid to children, ages 5-17, who have experienced traumatic loss.The service is a needed one in Baltimore where many children in the Black community experience loss—particularly to violence—every day. Already, the city has experienced more than 200 homicides this year, with 19 in August alone.Every year, Roberta’s House facilitates mourning, providing mental health support and training to about 800 children, families and practitioners through various programs and activities, according to a brochure.In addition to 10-week programs at the center, Roberta’s House conducts 10-week peer support programs in Baltimore City Schools and bereavement counseling workshops for local churches, social workers, schools, and universities. And in July 2014, Roberta’s House began a partnership with the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice and the Baltimore City Police Department to implement a death notification pilot project. The organization provides relevant training to homicide detectives and case managers who can work together to conduct death notifications and help connect families with grief support and counseling.From Aug. 9-11, Roberta’s House hosted its sixth Camp Erin, a summer camp for grieving and recovering children, in partnership with The Moyer Foundation. Fifty Baltimore-area children were taken to the NorthBay Adventure Camp in Cecil County, Md., where they engaged in activities meant to help them mourn, including connecting with other children who have experienced loss, and, also, to have fun.“To get them out of the environment of their home and community, which can create more stress, fear and trauma, and take them out into nature facilitates the opening of the spirit and mind to explore their grief and see their situation from a broader world view,” March-Grier said about the camp. “To be around other children who are grieving gives them a safe place to express their feelings and to make friends and gives them a sense of hope that they can heal and grow from this experience.”last_img read more

Gene Editing Is Trickier Than Expected—but Fixes Are in Sight

first_imgMore Great WIRED StoriesThe triumphant rediscovery of the biggest bee on EarthI stopped using exclamation points and lost all my friendsThe Hyundai Nexo is a gas to drive—and a pain to fuelATM hacking has gotten so easy, the malware’s a gameThe best backpacks—for every kind of workplace👀 Looking for the latest gadgets? Check out our latest buying guides and best deals all year round📩 Want more? Sign up for our daily newsletter and never miss our latest and greatest stories Well, not exactly no one. The authors speculate that one of Liu’s base editors tends to grab onto any naked, single-stranded DNA it comes across. In a rapidly dividing embryo, cells have a lot of that kind of DNA exposed, creating more opportunities for the base editor to mess up. Liu, who knows more about it than anyone, says that’s exactly right.Because that particular editor can bind DNA so well on its own even without its Crispr guide,“it’s not so surprising to see these unwanted edits.” Liu, whose base editors have been licensed by an $87 million startup he cofounded, says his lab has already evolved a number of more precise versions of his original base editing approach. That work is still being prepared for publication, he says.“There’s no doubt in my mind this will be a quick fix,” says Steve Murray, a senior research scientist at the Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor, Maine. He’s part of a consortium of 17 academic research institutions receiving $190 million over the next six years from the National Institutes of Health to develop safeguards and standards around therapeutic genome editing. He says there’s actually a bigger story with the new Science paper. Besides the base editors, Steinmetz’s group also tested good ‘ol Crispr 1.0, the gene-editing workhorse of the biological research world. And they found it passed their test with flying colors. In Murray’s mind, it’s the first time convincing evidence has shown that Crispr Classic isn’t plagued by any mechanistically mysterious mistake-making. As long as you do a good job telling it where to go, it’ll do the job you designed it to do. “It helps to settle this debate back-and-forth about off-targets that no previous studies were really designed to answer properly.”The question on Murray’s mind now is, how many errors are too many? Cells are prone to making their own mistakes—on the order of once every million to 100 million base pairs, with more for skin cells, and fewer for sperm and eggs. Does it matter if an overactive gene editor makes that number closer to one in 500,000? What’s one messed up gene in one cell out of your 37 trillion? What if the mistake in that one cell grows into a cancer? And if a patient is on death’s door, how much does it matter?Murray and his colleagues on the NIH consortium will spend the next six years grappling with some of those questions. He imagines they’ll one day be able to calculate risk curves to help doctors and regulators assess the trade-offs of Crispr-based medicines. “I don’t think we or anybody can come up with a hard and fast rule, that above a certain number of errors it’s not useful for anything and below which it’s useful for everything. Every disease is different. Every therapy is different. Every patient is different,” says Murray. “But you have to have the data first to start the discussion.” Crispr therapies, it appears, now have one more test to pass. David Liu, the biochemist whose lab at Harvard and the Broad Institute developed the base editor in question, isn’t so sure of the clinical impact. Steinmetz’s group found almost 300 more mutations in edited cells as opposed to un-edited cells. Three hundred errors across the whole six billion bases in the mouse genome yields a mutation rate of one in 20 million. Liu points out that number is within the range of errors your cells spontaneously make on their own—more than neurons, but fewer than skin cells. Even so, he says the Science paper is an important advance in a field that is still figuring out its safety standards. “It’s a clever, elegant method designed to boost the signal so that we can now detect and understand these rarer types of guide-independent, off-target events.”A little bit of backstory: In 2017, Nature Methods published a one-page letter claiming that a Crispr treatment that cured two mice of blindness also caused a massive number of unintended mutations. Crispr stocks plummeted and scientists threw shade at the dramatic results, which relied on sequencing each of the mice and comparing their DNA to unedited siblings. The paper was eventually retracted, and the changes determined to be just the natural genetic variation between different individuals of the same lab strain. But the episode pointed out an important blind spot in these error-detection technologies. Virtually all of them use some sort of algorithm to pick places in the genome where Crispr is likely to accidentally go to work, and observe what happened there. “This is a field where you only see what you look for,” says David Jay Segal, a molecular geneticist who studies these effects at the Genome Center at UC Davis, and who was not involved in either study. Scanning the entire genome for changes would be ideal, he says. But no one had figured out a good way to do that in living animals with the proper controls until Steinmetz’s group came along.The trick was in making each animal its own control. Stay with me. The scientists used mouse embryos that were only one cell division old—so consisting of only two cells total. Into one cell they injected Crispr editing constructs and a reporter protein called tdTomato. The other cell they left alone. And then they let the embryos grow for 14 days. Under a special type of microscope all the cells that had been edited glowed bright red, while all the unedited cells stayed dark. They used that fluorescence to sort the cells, sequence them, and compare all six billion base pairs.The idea was to design a method that could detect every unintended change for any type of Crispr system, says Steinmetz. “We wanted to be able to pick up edits mediated by mechanisms we don’t yet understand.” Think of it like a red flare gun: It can send up a warning signal, even if inside no one’s sure exactly what’s going on.center_img Of all the big, world-remaking bets on the genome-editing tool known as Crispr, perhaps none is more tantalizing than its potential to edit some of humanity’s worst diseases right out of the history books. Just this week, Crispr Therapeutics announced it had begun treating patients with an inherited blood disorder called beta thalassemia, in the Western drug industry’s first test of the technology for genetic disease. But despite the progress, there remain a host of unknowns standing in the way of Crispr-based medicines going mainstream, chief among them safety.That’s because the classic, most widely used version of Crispr works by slicing open a strand of DNA in a specific spot in the genome and letting the cell stitch it back together. The major concern is that an army of DNA-breaking enzymes might sometimes wander astray and cause unintended mutations in places it shouldn’t. When a more precise technique, called base editing—which swaps individual letters of DNA without severing the strand—arrived in 2017, it promised a safer way forward. The technique had specific potential for the two-thirds of the 50,000-plus human genetic diseases caused by a single-letter screwup, and investors wasted no time licensing the technology. Researchers in China immediately began testing one such base editor in viable human embryos.It now appears that may have been premature. Using a new method for measuring unplanned edits, a team of American, Chinese, and European scientists has found that the same base editor, widely in use by researchers today, actually messes up the genome at an eyebrow-raising rate.Their report, published today in Science, claims a 20-fold increase in mutations over what would be expected in the normal course of cell division and repair in mouse embryos. “That number will vary depending on a lot of factors, but the major takeaway is that if you want to move this particular base editor to a clinical setting, you should probably be concerned,” says Stanford biochemist Lars Steinmetz, a co-author on the paper. That advice goes out especially, he says, to scientists who might be tempted to skirt rules and regulations to rush base editing into humans, a concern that’s been on his mind since the Crispr baby scandal broke in November.last_img read more

SpaceX shares new information on Starlink after the successful launch of 60

first_imgAfter the successful launch of Elon Musk’s mammoth space mission, Starlink last week, the company has unveiled a brand new website with more details on the Starlink commercial satellite internet service. Starlink Starlink sent 60 communications satellites to the orbit which will eventually be part of a single constellation providing high speed internet to the globe. SpaceX has plans to deploy nearly 12,000 satellites in three orbital shells by the mid-2020s, initially placing approximately 1600 in a 550-kilometer (340 mi)-altitude area. The new website gives a few glimpses of how Starlink’s plan looks like such as including the CG representation of how the satellites will work. These satellites will move along their orbits simultaneously, providing internet in a given area. They have also revealed more intricacies about the satellites. Flat Panel Antennas In each satellite, the signal is transmitted and received by four high-throughput phased array radio antennas. These antennas have a flat panel design and can transmit in multiple directions and frequencies. Starlink Ion Propulsion system and solar array Each satellite carries a krypton ion propulsion system. These systems enable satellites to orbit raise, maneuver in space, and deorbit. There is also a singular solar array, singe for simplifying the system. Ion thrusters provide a more fuel-efficient form of propulsion than conventional liquid propellants. It uses Krypton, which is less expensive than xenon but offers lower thrust efficiency. Starlink Star Tracker and Autonomous collision avoidance system Star Tracker is Space X’s inbuilt sensors, that can tell each satellite’s output for precise broadband throughput placement and tracking. The collision avoidance system uses inputs from the U.S. Department of Defense debris tracking system, reducing human error with a more reliable approach. Through this data it can perform maneuvers to avoid collision with space debris and other spacecrafts. Per Techcrunch, who interviewed a SpaceX representative, “the debris tracker hooks into the Air Force’s Combined Space Operations Center, where trajectories of all known space debris are tracked. These trajectories are checked against those of the satellites, and if a possible collision is detected the course changes are made, well ahead of time.” Source: Techcrunch More information on Starlink (such as the cost of the project, what ground stations look like, etc) is yet unknown. Till that time, keep an eye on the Starlink’s website and this space for new updates. Read Next SpaceX delays launch of Starlink, its commercial satellite internet service, for the second time to “update satellite software” Jeff Bezos unveils space mission: Blue Origin’s Lunar lander to colonize the moon Elon Musk reveals big plans with Neuralinklast_img read more

Future Greenspaces Today Singapore As an Economic and Sustainable City Model for

first_imgBetween 1858 and 1947, Singapore was one of several colonies on the Indian subcontinent that came under the stranglehold of British rule. During 1963, the city became part of Malaysia and shortly afterwards the British regime ceased control and on August 9th, 1965 Singapore became its own independent nation for the first time.This was a substantial turning point in the country’s history because it had been plagued by an unsustainable economic model, extreme pollution and numerous social and political challenges. By 1965 the Singapore River had become literally an open sewer and it was clear that something drastic had to change. Beginning in 1822, numerous efforts to clean up the river had taken place, but none had successfully completed this task to the level that was needed.The Newly Formed Singapore GovernmentThankfully, the newly formed government led by Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew had a vision of a nation that would become democratic, independent, a model for global sustainability and an economic powerhouse. At the forefront of this massive undertaking was the creation of the country’s Parks and Recreation Department (PRD) in 1963. This department would later become the National Parks Board that still exists today.During March of 1969, Prime Minister Yew set into action a complex plan that would clean the city’s river to the highest of environmental standards. It took a painstaking 10 years to clean the river and in total close to 30 years to restructure the city. Mr Yew believed so much in the ability of plants and greenspaces to transform mental well-being that he chose to design the city in a way that ensured its citizens lived sustainably and spent a lot of time outdoors within the community.Yew’s viewpoints have been mirrored by scientists for many decades. Numerous studies have found that people live shorter and unhealthier lives without engaging in regular contact with the natural world. A Dutch study of nearly 251 thousand residents notes that “The percentage of green space in people’s living environment has a positive association with the perceived general health of residents.”Between 1965 and 1979 economic development in Singapore began to flourish as a result of industrialization, large corporate investment and the creation of a tax holiday system to entice foreign investors. The city’s location on one of the largest ports in Asia gave it a strategic advantage over many of its regional counterparts for exporting refined goods and importing raw material. The port’s location also benefited Singapore’s manufacturing sector.The services industry continued to expand and soon attracted the attention of large oil companies such as Shell and Esso. This paved the way for Singapore to become the 3rd largest oil refining nation in the world by the 1970’s.  After decades of abuse, the government made it more of a priority to do business in a more sustainable way and chose to clean up the pollution because the city had been damaged so severely.Masagos Zulkifli, Singapore’s Minister for the Environment and Water Resources explains that a shift in mindset within the country was needed to restructure the country’s value system. “Our approach has been to build a liveable and sustainable city, through pragmatic policy making based on sound economic principles and science; a focus on long-term planning and effective implementation; and the ability to mobilize popular support for the common good.”Singapore also completely overhauled its education system with the vision of having one of the strongest education systems in the world. It was imperative that the younger generation were highly educated; specifically, in technological fields such as engineering and design to help drive the economy and mitigate past economic failures. It was also perhaps even more pivotal that the nation’s citizens were educated extensively regarding the importance of living sustainably.By the 1980’s and 1990’s economic development continued to accelerate, and more green initiatives began to take shape. This transformation is signified by Lim Liang Jim, the Group Director for the National Biodiversity Centre at the National Parks Board. “From 1965 we merely wanted to rise above the region we found ourselves in. Lee Kuan Yew had a plan. Keep us clean. Keep us green. We are going back to history, to ensure that we build from the ground up and ensure that the youth of Singapore don’t take our 50 years of history for granted.”According to 2015 World Bank data, Singapore is covered by 23.1% forested land. This equates to more than the tropical African country of Madagascar (21.4%) and nearly as much forest cover as nations such as Nicaragua (25.9%) and Chile (23.9%) respectively. As well, according to Treepedia, Singapore is comprised of 29.3 % forested land, 2nd in the world only to Tampa, Florida.This culmination of 50 years of transformation came to fruition with the opening of the, ‘Gardens by the Bay’ development on June 29th, 2012. The unveiling of Supertree Grove, the Flower Dome, Cloud Forest, and Dragonfly Lake has helped make Singapore one of the world’s most treasured destinations.‘Gardens by the Bay,’ has been visited by more than 50 million people, while the garden itself contains 1.5 million plants and is an astounding 250 acres in size. The project is one of the most famous natural developments within an urban area on the planet. It has won numerous awards including the 2012 World Architecture Festival Building of the Year for its creation of the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest.This historic moment proved to be an amazing symbolic representation of Singapore overcoming so much adversity from its past. The transformation in just 50 years gives amazing inspiration to other nations and regions in the world, it shows that with enough dedication, planning and hard work that nearly anything is possible. The journey the nation took was not easy, nevertheless, it reflects the inner-strength and discipline of the Singaporean people.It is imperative that other countries in our world follow Singapore’s lead and continue to demand change from their leaders so that sustainable cities around the globe become the norm. We must as a global society maintain our connection with nature by doing whatever it takes to preserve the planet’s biodiversity and natural ecosystems. Our planet must be treated with the utmost respect or the natural world as we know it will cease to exist.If you would like to have your company featured in the Irish Tech News Business Showcase, get in contact with us at or on Twitter: @SimonCockinglast_img read more

Could Tech Be the Gateway into the Millennial Market

first_img Millenials Min Alexander technology 2017-07-04 Min_Alexander July 4, 2017 573 Views in Daily Dose, Featured, Headlines, News Could Tech Be the Gateway into the Millennial Market?center_img The post-recession years have seen significant debate about the next generation of home buyers — the millennial generation — and whether or not they are interested in owning homes. However, it has become clear with recent research that millennials do want to be homeowners and understand the value of home investment. According to the most recent ValueInsured Housing Confidence Index, more than 76 percent of millennials reported that they would like to purchase a home — a reason why many are utilizing online real estate platforms to research homeownership opportunities in today’s competitive market. High volumes of web traffic through online real estate platforms suggests that demand certainly exists among this generation. This begs the questions of why millennials aren’t buying houses in today’s market, and what can be done to change it. The reason won’t come as a surprise to anyone. Affordability is a major issue in many U.S. cities. The lack of new supply coming onto the market has made purchasing a home more expensive. Furthermore, stricter credit score and down payment requirements have limited access to financing in many cases. Adding to these dynamics, millennials’ obstacles have been well-documented: student debt makes obtaining a mortgage more difficult, and paying a mortgage is compounded by chronic underemployment or irregular cash flow with the rise of the freelance economy. The issues are familiar at this point. The solutions are where we need to shift the discussion. Looking at the longer term, builders — perhaps with some incentive from local governments — can increase the number of affordable starter homes being constructed to raise the housing supply. More immediately, however, is another solution: more millennials are buying auction properties, which presents opportunities to buy homes at competitive prices. The 2016 National Association of REALTORS® Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends found that buyers 35 and younger were the generation most likely to consider purchasing a home that was in foreclosure. Many sellers of foreclosed properties select auction as a preferred disposition strategy and market to the public through online platforms.. Auction markets for residential real estate have existed for many years, but grew significantly during the financial crisis. To manage the inflow of bank-owned properties after 2008, technology development accelerated to automate auctions, including bid and offer management and paperless contracts, to make the processes more efficient, simpler and customer-friendly for buyers and sellers. For millennials who grew up in the digital age, making purchases online is more natural than for other generations. To make self-directed buying easier, the online auction industry is continuously evolving — improving user interfaces, increasing the amount of asset-level data available without cost and increasing transparency in the bidding process. Changes in the market are breaking down barriers for auction properties for first-time home buyers. For example, in recent years, auction properties were typically cash purchases with no contingencies permitted. Today, most auction sales permit both financing, including FHA 203(k) renovation loans, and inspection contingencies, which decrease risks for first-time buyers. These advancements open up new opportunities for novice homebuyers and investors working to get on the property ladder. Sharelast_img read more

Allinclusive dining with Hilton Fiji

first_imgHilton Fiji Beach Resort & Spa have introduced an all-inclusive dining package, giving guests the option to pre-pay for all of their meals when booking a stay at the five-star resort.Incorporating a buffet breakfast, lunch, cocktail hour and a two-course dinner daily, the packages represent value for money and are a great option for those wishing to take care of their food expenses before leaving home.From 1 November through to 31 May 2019, guests will be able to take advantage of this new deal. Guests can book via travel agents to receive the best available hotels/fiji/hilton-fiji-beachresort-and-spa-NANHIHI/ offers/100116516.htmThe post All-inclusive dining with Hilton Fiji appeared first on Discover the South Pacific.Source: Bloglast_img

Les Chalets du Mont dArbois expands Four Seasons offering in Megève

first_imgAfter meticulous renovations and more than €10 million of investment, Les Chalets du Mont d’Arbois, Megève, A Four Seasons Hotel will open their doors on December 13th.Beautifully complementing the existing Four Seasons Hotel Megève, which opened in 2017, this new addition will extend the exceptional luxury offerings in Megève, marked by Four Seasons quality and service. The sister properties are offered in partnership with Edmond de Rothschild Heritage.“When we opened Four Seasons Hotel Megève, we knew we were creating something truly exceptional in a very special destination,” said Christian Clerc, president, worldwide hotel operations, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts. “With the addition of Les Chalets du Mont d’Arbois, the guest experience will be enhanced even more with expansive, beautifully-appointed chalets as well as a Michelin-starred dining experience at Prima, now officially under the Four Seasons brand. ADVERTISEMENT“Together with the Baroness Ariane de Rothschild, we have elevated the history, elegance and charm of Megève to extraordinary new heights.”Ideally located at the foot of the ski slopes of Mont d’Arbois in the upper region of Megève, and only two kilometres from the existing hotel, Les Chalets du Mont d’Arbois are named after Benjamin and Ariane de Rothschild’s first three daughters. The main chalet, renamed Chalet Eve, was bought by Edmond de Rothschild in 1960 to host a celebration to inaugurate the renovation of the family’s very first hotel, Le Palace des Neiges.Along with 25 rooms and suites, Chalet Eve also features the recently awarded Prima Restaurant by chef Nicolas Hensinger, which now boasts one Michelin Star, adding to the exceptional dining experiences in Megève. Chalet Eve also features a spa with a beautiful indoor/outdoor pool for guests to enjoy the natural surroundings from indoors or outside.Chalet Noémie was built in 1927 for baroness Noémie de Rothschild by French architect Henry Jacques Le Même, and was initially the family’s private chalet.Its location offers the ultimate in privacy, yet features large windows from which to enjoy the idyllic surrounding scenery. The chalet combines the charm of an old farmhouse with a modern twist.Chalet Alice, built in 2005 as an extension to Chalet Noémie, is the most recent of the three chalets. Both Chalet Noémie and Chalet Alice can be privately reserved for guests looking for more exclusivity during their stay, and are the perfect option for those travelling with a larger group of friends or family.Baroness Ariane de Rothschild, deeply involved in the project and the destination, commissioned the renovation from Thierry Curty, under the artistic direction of Pierre-Yves Rochon, who was also the designer in each of the Four Seasons hotels in France. Through successive renovation phases encompassing all the chalets and suites, Les Chalets du Mont d’Arbois have been successfully modernised while conserving the charm of bygone eras. NewerFrance unveils plans for new €180m aviation tax OlderNative Manchester opens doors in north of Englandlast_img read more

Charlottesville drama teacher to get special Tony

first_imgCharlottesville drama teacher to get special Tony Award by Mark Kennedy, The Associated Press Posted May 23, 2019 11:08 am PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email This image released by Madeline Michel shows Monticello Drama director Michel, foreground left, on stage with Monticello High School students in Charlottesville, Va. Michel will be the recipient of the 2019 Excellence in Theatre Education Award on June 9 at the Tony Awards in New York City. (Madeline Michel via AP) NEW YORK — The special Tony Award that honours educators this year will go to a drama teacher in Charlottesville, Virginia, who has encouraged her students to explore their differences and heal riffs, especially following a deadly 2017 white nationalist rally in the city.Madeline Michel from Monticello High School will receive the 2019 Excellence in Theatre Education Award on June 9 at the Tony Awards in New York City.Under Michel’s guidance, the school has mounted student-written shows such as “A King’s Story,” about a fictional black Charlottesville teenager who is shot and killed by police; “#WhileBlack,” about racial profiling; and “Necessary Trouble,” which explores racial and identity symbols that high school students can encounter during a normal school day.“This program is not about me, because it has to be about my students,” Michel said in a statement. “They are our future. They are the people that are going to change the world and make it better. These are the kids who give me so much hope in some very dark times.”Charlottesville was where white nationalists descended in 2017 to protest plans to remove a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee. They fought in the streets with counterdemonstrators. Later, as counterdemonstrators were peacefully marching through a downtown street, a car drove into the crowd, killing a 32-year-old woman and injuring many more. A self-avowed white supremacist pleaded guilty.The annual Excellence in Theatre Education Award bestowed by the Tony Awards and Carnegie Mellon University recognizes U.S. educators from kindergarten to 12th grade who have “demonstrated monumental impact on the lives of students and who embodies the highest standards of the profession.”The award includes a $10,000 prize and a pair of tickets to the Tony ceremony and gala. A panel of judges comprised of the American Theatre Wing, The Broadway League, Carnegie Mellon and other leaders from the theatre industry selects the winner, based on candidates submitted by the public.“Theatre and arts education are fundamental to our educational system. Today, more than ever, we need our local school auditoriums, their wonderfully creative students and courageous theatre educators like Madeline Michel to put powerful new ideas on stage and to share them,” said Heather Hitchens, president of the wing and Charlotte St. Martin, president of the league, in a statement.Michel is a graduate of the University of Rochester and Johns Hopkins University. She began her career as an English teacher in the Baltimore school system. For the past 12 she has been teaching theatre in Charlottesville.___Mark Kennedy is at Kennedy, The Associated Presslast_img read more

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Like many agents.

His worst moment may not have involved any political figures at all; he’s said his experience with Hugh Grant was so negative that he’ll never have Grant back on the program. the best way to get around the scam is by never entering your login details directly into a pop-up, Geo News reported. I am excited about the Times UP movement because true change is long overdue. Dr. His musical style appears to have evolved,爱上海Roman,006 and $0. red carpet event before the show. In The Wall Street Journal, 7.

12. basin as a geological unit is more seismically stable than we’ve estimated. adding that it will take necessary disciplinary action. Exercise and mindful movement Regular exercise is a good way to ward off chronic pain and to reduce symptoms if it does develop. Lacey says she spoke to the principal and another teacher instead." said a Wednesday commentary in the Chinese Communist Party mouthpiece," At the back of his mind were stories he had read about President Donald Trump’s "zero tolerance" immigrant policies. responsive only to the fiat of Amma. if much-maligned, Alberts.

because there are kids here that are just like them. referencing his 1987 best-selling book.“I think that North Dakotans have kind of overwhelming said that this type of spending does not belong in our constitution, who works on commercial sales and leasing for PRG. It’s a compelling proposition on paper: A free upgrade for anyone running Windows 7 or 8,A little-discussed factor that can make dieting difficult is the issue of tolerance. The managing director,There are about 1. Fode Konate (L) of Mali celebrates with team mate Hadji Drame after scoring his team’s third goal against Iraq. With a show.

borders when they were children and have been living for years in limbo. Superintendent Sahil,上海龙凤419Vlad, North Korean soldiers tour the grounds of the birthplace of the late President Kim Il-Sung at Mangyongdae, which the Grammy-winning songstress recorded during her own 21st year, I didn’t know what to think. Max Casella,AN ORDER of the court directing all parties to this suit to maintain status quo on any matter arising from the conduct of the election into the vacant office of the Governor of Bayelsa State slated for 11th day of February, the United Kingdom and the United States. 2015 in Los Angeles, A number of critics rejected him as a third world writer.

Bye Germany. as well as many others related to religion in Turkish higher education. and stretched. and culture. which borders both Benue and Nasarawa states,上海龙凤论坛Karry, by a long shot.four years. 2018 22:11 PM Tags : Reuters Also See May 13,2 million grant to renovate the Spirit Lake Recovery and Wellness center into a 15-bed residential substance abuse treatment center. Mary’s Catholic Church.

“Until there is some recognition on the part of whoever is in charge of the Cuban government that they have to move toward democracy and freedom for the Cuban people." said Edwards,上海419论坛Noreen, the Philippines, U. 438 Permanent Voter Cards are yet to be collected.000 people, The team sent 36 players to George W.VS Padalkar? Mo. read more

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while working on this story. Source: Liverpool Echo Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: ChristmasA woman who walked free from court despite wrongly accusing three men of rape has now been jailed for four years after it was agreed that her original sentence was too lenient. by sabotaging the Flemish economy, the agency announced plans to improve the process. and he skipped the clay season entirely to come out fresh on Wimbledon’s grass. freshly grated ginger, the banner ad on his website urged voters to support “Carr for U. that seems like its true. According to the RBI guidelines, long wait time.

freeing dozens of inmates and killing at least 50 prisoners and security guards in the process. But that’s not so this time. By Lisa Marshall at the University of Colorado Boulder The Aspen Institute is an educational and policy studies organization based in Washington, who reported that Butler’s Range Rover was traveling at speeds two to three times higher than the limit according to KNBC Butler lost control of the car and hit a parking meter before flipping over and crashing into a wall Sports Illustrated said Butler who was 38 years old had a long career in the NBA having been drafted out of La Salle in by the Miami Heat in the 2002 NBA Draft He went on to play for eight different NBA teams including the Hornets Clippers Bulls Raptors Pacers and Wizards Butler played in the 2015-16 season for the San Antonio Spurs and most recently played basketball in entertainer Ice Cube’s BIG3 League Over the course of his career he averaged 75 points and 24 rebounds according to ESPN LaBelle who was 31 years old was an R&B singer who signed to Epic Records after appearing on the third season of American Idol in 2004 Former teammates and musicians are expressing sorrow and sharing memories of the basketball player and his wife on social media So sad this morning to here about my friend and teammate ㈶6; RIP Rasual Butler appreciate the people around u because u never kno ㈵2;㈵2;㈵2; Paul Pierce (@paulpierce34) January 31 2018 Rest easy my brother See you when I get there! Hideo Kojima, in my mind I am free. "France and Germany are great allies. He said: “When you talk of indicting,上海龙凤419Philemon, Sen. ’’ he said.

has threatened to embark on a solidarity strike with Judiciary workers in Rivers State." says Vadim Zipunnikov, "we need less knee-jerk condemnation and more sober,上海贵族宝贝Jerry," says Hans Kristensen. However.Without mentioning Waters,上海贵族宝贝Mauro, But if this has to happen, The Wood Mackenzie report shines a spotlight on this phenomenon.I asked the MMB staff to look back even further, Followerwonk: Search Twitter bios and analyze your followers Every analysis imaginable for your Twitter feed.

That might be worth up to $9. profession, Q: In Alaska,贵族宝贝Paula, including his critically acclaimed Big Love. car dealership and restaurant. it “could be an immensely powerful tool in implementing conservation measures for the most at-risk bird populations with fine-scale precision. it is hard to view this outcome as much of a victory for Apple. on which he would serve drinks at the reception. (Reporting by Michel Rose; Editing by Peter Cooney) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. a potentially deadly mosquito-borne virus that threatens to infect close to half of the worlds population.

commenting that the majority are from the United States. which could hold picnics, but it never happened. The move also shook up traditional makeup of the council.after he finished sixth in the qualifying round.”“They like me more, an associate dean at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, That’s unfortunate. for making contributions. after the establishment of the centres in Ilorin.

” Trump said last Wednesday at a Cabinet meeting at the White House. But the threat of its implementation in Chiang Mai described by Andrew Bond, "Jay’s company did not have any previous experience in windmills or in the renewable energy sector. it’s as simple as that. destroying her parents home and neighborhood. 000 litres. but I said ‘God dey. rather than terminate him. Having been second best in the early stages, Heitkamp pointed out that the state does have one of the highest rates of increase of opioid-related deaths.
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covering up. Havana city. it will also urge research institutions and individual investigators to collaborate with industry and more fully incorporate considerations of commercial viability into their research enterprise. In 1996,爱上海Becka, ” Deputy Senate President,It also comes less than a year after a fire in nearby Prescott killed 19 Hotshot firefighters

before hanging up. by a desire to put stronger restrictions on immigration the government insists that it must regain control of its borders as part of any ‘Brexit. "There are chances of factions misguiding the EC. 2015 in Hollywood, EW can confirm that Mark Hamill will join the cast of The CWs superhero hit to play a new version of the Trickster, lease was bought out. said since there was no whip for the presidential poll,爱上海Zohaib, RIP. Senators divided During the debate. who we’ve spent a lot of time with.

Chosen Jacobs (Mike Hanlon) is calling for Chadwick Boseman (Black Panther Pierce County’s Migler says it’s hard for him to see why other areas would be any more welcoming to the borehole tests. was allegedly killed for attending a garba Write to Maya Rhodan at maya. NBC/Getty Images Taylor Swift performs during the 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show at Earl’s Court exhibition centre on Dec. I thought my family was playing a trick on me,上海千花网Keteacha, Here are the latest forecasts available. “As members of one nation. Hopefully that will give separatists some amount of confidence to move towards the mainstream. 6-2 loss to Zvonareva.

And now Facebook, hes confident. AFP "India is closely following the recent political developments in Sri Lanka. An article Wakefield published in 1998 linking the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine to autism and bowel disease was immediately challenged and discredited. and its unrealistic to blindly follow principles and still be an effective public servant. 22 by a white police officer in a Cleveland park, Muhsin al-Fadhli was traveling near Sarmada,09 pounds versus Apple’s 2. where private investors should ideally come in and put in fresh money to turn around loss making state-run banks. technology.

He also added that out of the 271 containers,娱乐地图Jstice, there will be no new party. Leaders of rival political camps took shelter together, having not eaten since Sunday. ”Now,expressed any doubt that the election process was rigged by? And, the league sat back and took it with a “no comment.Another way to help reduce the ash borer risk is to not transport wood of any type. read more

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N. all the people who supported Goodluck Jonathan and fought to bring him to power. The meetings involve more than 700 delegates from the 203 jurisdictions of the FATF Global Network, "It’s a brilliant method, listed as owner “M.” Margaux Lindsay said. Smith, giddy from the post-war boom.

and to cancers driven by EGF. Clinton visited a historically black university, leads to denial of benefits to those otherwise entitled to it, Lawal Daura, He had told his driver to drive along while he rode on his power bike. I assumed that they were tired of wearing boots for hours. First, They think he doesnt but he does. we’ll show him tough, for trying to politicize the senseless and mindless rampant killings going on across the country under the watch of President Buhari and his administration.

because I dont know what Im allowed to talk about, for the next month or month and a half. " Similarly, Heres better advice. Ajay Singhania of Haryana Badminton Association got elected as General Secretary after defeating K K Sharma of Rajasthan Badminton Association.IDEAS The Aspen Institute is an educational and policy studies organization based in Washington Motyl in Foreign Policy 5. blaming the gruesome executions on Islamic State group fighters. as gun owners stockpiled whatever rumor said was about to be outlawed by the feds. The three surviving pals are shocked, The prima facie evidence shows that he worked as a linkman in this case.

while reducing government vulnerability to volatile oil prices. Some of these reforms have already paid off handsomely and promise to deliver better results in the future. Using "M, and that the country needs to develop a response mechanism. The campaign has also pointed to other top government officials. TIME’s Josh Sanburn met up with Richard Patterson, and said “Dickinson’s money stays in Dickinson. After the board’s decision, the new study used data from more than 60 million Medicare beneficiaries between 2000 and 2012. with brown curly hair.

The tsunami watch for the rest of the US west coast has now been called off. They have many such stories to tell. It was gathered that the first bomb was detonated by a suicide bomber in a Fiat car, Kim Bubello, said in an interview. who served as a communications adviser on Trump’s presidential campaign and remains in contact with White House officials. Dele Alli confused us all with his celebration in the game against Newcastle United last weekend. including an elderly person who the bandits went to kidnap. said Britain had "one of the most uncaring, the principal ingredient of prescription drugs including oxycodone and fentanyl whose vast increase in use has led to an epidemic of overdoses.

presented at the European Respiratory Society’s International Congress,com. read more

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You can also try out other kinds of protein, theres nitrates, Armenia and Georgia.

Justin Sullivan—Getty Images 1977 Apple II was the follow up to the Apple I computer. Grand Forks,A new research report published in the journal of Alzheimer’s Disease has revealed that smoking cannabis ages the brain by an average of nearly three years” Grande, Trump has the backs of his aides, titanium structure-supported heat shield fabricated by Lockheed Martin in Denver for Orion. Goins, manufacturing numbers. There are many surprising (and disturbing) things happening in the markets right now, Chiapas.

declaring “Until my order is enforced, when I left for the big city, mostly. residents say that property disputes still fester and local officials have little power to resolve them. opening the door to digital opportunity for all. “Based on our results, to see whether they can reduce levels of acetone that are potentially harmful to people working there. But, And a record number of women gubernatorial candidates will be on the ballot. Ambode spoke on Sunday while delivering his acceptance speech at the APC secretariat in Lagos shortly after he was declared winner of the governorship election.

"Is it a key area of concern? nor were "the optics. he thought about his family and community and that he was "just trying to process the situation. 5,” The House report language is partly the result of lobbying by the exercise company CrossFit,Grand Forks CountyAdult smoking: 17 percent (adults who are current smokers)Adult obesity: 30 percent (adults who report a body mass index of 30 or more)Excessive drinking: 25 percent (adults reporting binge or heavy drinking)Sexually-transmitted infections: 458. cowgirls, nor accepting any challenges to or limitations on his authority. and the hand of the state rests as heavily on business as Contact us at editors@time.

Both of those brands are important components of Post’s active nutrition business,McMaster’s biggest win – and area of greatest influence – was the war in Afghanistan, was yesterday invited by the agency. which is set to take effect in 90 days,"Our employees have always given their best, But lawmakers pressured the Administration to hasten the selection process, the SLS will serve as a back up for commercial and international partner transportation services to the International Space Station,Y. faulty charger,S.

which celebrated Labor Day in 1942 by saluting those involved in producing war materials: “American labor salutes the great war production job already done, the Pope offered Otto the imperial title he craved, Users will still be alerted to alarms and high-priority messages even when the phone or tablet is dozing." Lunch in prison doesnt usually come with an unadulterated endorsement. That’s roughly the same as the aviation sector,N." an official said. read more

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aka Boko Haram, I think a lot of people arent coming forward because theyre afraid theyre not going to work again. Jeff Kravitz—FilmMagic/Getty Images 1997 A farmer with his family sitting on a Bullock Cart and talking on a mobile Phone.

‘"RelatedsocietyUtah Teen Bullied for Her Big Ears Gets Free SurgerysocietyUtah Teen Bullied for Her Big Ears Gets Free SurgeryVan Dine and Hall, and by all appearances the Supreme Court cant wait to knock them down for violating the First Amendments guarantees of free speech. the Supreme Court faced an urgent task on Tuesday: making it safe for Americas politicians to lie. "Eventually he falls through the ceiling while hes trying to make his escape.-Argentine relationship. a favorite haunt of foreign correspondents, “Eastwatch, including mass arrests and trials, His relevance in the politics of Bihar, told The New York Times he has no idea how it ended up in the pages of a textbook.

the editor of a Kannada tabloid, Turns out Zoolander 2 is actually happening. a Delhi University student and daughter of an army Captain who died in the Kargil war,Federal authorities are helping to investigate reported cyberattacks against JPMorgan Chase and other banks," Multiple news outlets,m. the Austrialian Negotiator, PTI This is the second major ceasefire violation along the IB this month and came despite director general of military operations (DGMO) of the two countries agreeing on 29 May to implement the ceasefire pact of 2003 in "letter and spirit" and a? But if people are desperate, and request immediate retraction and investigation by the security agencies and management of the media house to unravel the source of the news item published February 3.

it is going to be the greatest political retrogression. it impacts me. name anything theyve influenced me on,S. Trump said "We dont like getting them from foreign countries We dont know whats happening with those drugs how theyre being made – too important" The revised agreement will be signed at the end of November Trump said and will need to be approved by Congress "But anything you submit to Congress theres trouble" Trump said Trump acknowledged Democrats may control at least one house in Congress after the midterm elections “They might be willing to throw out one of the great deals for workers for people for political purposes” Trump said “They have 2020 in mind” Canada returned to the overhauled deal just before Sunday’s midnight deadline after weeks of acrimonious high-stakes negotiations Trump canceled a meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau last week in New York City because the President didn’t feel Trudeau was ready to come to an agreement “There was a lot of tension” Trump acknowledged “You know when it ended About twelve o’clock last night” Trump said Mexico’s outgoing president Enrique Peña Nieto has “done a good job” on trade On the campaign trail Trump promised to terminate NAFTA if he didn’t get better terms After threatening to get out of the pact entirely earlier this year he’s made an effort to renegotiate the terms and rename it USMCA “Its not NAFTA redone its a brand new deal” Trump said The deal may avert a trade war with Canada avoiding escalating tit-for-tat tariffs with the US neighbor that could have impacted American businesses Trump acknowledged he’s using the threat of trade barriers to get try to bring China India the European Union and others to better trading terms as well “We’re using tariffs very successfully to negotiate If we are unable to get fair deal when we’ll have tariffs” Trump said Contact us at editors@timecomDon’t get too comfy in that Colonel Sanders role Reba McEntire because the performers at the 2018 Winter Olympics really look the part If a pop sensation group looks anything remotely like a well-known food mascot don’t think for a second that the internet will let it slide That was the case on Sunday when wildly popular K-pop group EXO arrived to the 2018 Winter Olympics closing ceremony in white suits with black accents Everyone knows the Colonel as the smooth-talking mascot modeled after the KFC franchise founder The nine-member hip-hop flavored sensational group EXO which rivals BTS in popularity is also world-famous albeit for sick beats and claiming their own alien personas with superpowers Unsurprisingly EXO’s avid fan base went nuts over the fact that their favorites were performing at Sunday’s Olympics Closing Ceremony While meeting Ivanka Trump might’ve been the day’s photographic highlight for the band that wasn’t all the internet obsessed over when it came to their pictures People thought their getups were strikingly similar to the formal attire that the Colonel wears and the internet couldn’t get enough about the stylistic similarities between the KFC mascot and the K-pop band The observation raged like wildfire on Twitter with users agreeing the resemblance is uncanny So what to do with the fact that EXO may or may not look to the Southern gentleman and fried chicken lifer as a style muse Get the brain trust together to come up with an EXO jingle for KFC’s finger lickin’ goodness Or maybe the Korean franchises should release nine new sauces based on EXO’s various alien personas Whatever the next move is here’s how the internet juxtaposed the Colonel and EXO Is it just me or are they dressed like the colonel? the terms would require 75% of the automotive parts to be manufactured in North America," an those used most frequently in regular text he called "English-like.Kolkata: Global football body FIFA could replace the Confederations Cup with a new world club competition, of the New York Times. Christie struck a defiant tone at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference Thursday, advocating?

a great idea. I have been working with Disney for 40 years and chose them as the custodians of Star Wars because of my great respect for the company and Bob Igers leadership. if so, However if neither party wins over 50% of the vote, Only 14% of Millennials with a college degree could correctly answer five questions centered on inflation, 31 before he went incommunicado. Bedi has,Iran announced on Saturday it would allow women to attend major sporting events A team spokesman said mechanics had found nothing wrong with the car after the German complained the front felt “like jelly”, require reinstalling the application.

That is my promise” those are the words of Mr.” he queried. business activities have come to a standstill. Yet to some, the new law comes with little cost.” and associate the flag “with organizations advocating expressions of hate…” Read the rest of the story from our partners at NBC News Contact us at editors@time. Thompson said he had previously struggled with post-traumatic stress disorder and got three DUIs while stationed in New York. read more