SNL Parodies NASAs Suit Dilemma With AllFemale Spacewalk Sketch

first_img Last week, NASA aborted its first all-female spacewalk due to ill-fitting space suits. Saturday Night Live poked fun at the dilemma with a new sketch and it features Aidy Bryant as an “emotional” astronaut.SNL, which aired the skit on March 30, received a lot of positive feedback on YouTube for the hilarious sketch. Even though the real Anne McClain was understanding of the situation, Bryant’s cosmonaut character wasn’t as pleased with the space suit issue, The Cut noted.“I’m practical, I get it,” Bryant’s character said in the skit. “Only one woman suit, so Christina [Koch] did the spacewalk with my colleague Nick [Hague], and they swam in the stars and they know what it is to be God looking down on the Earth and me … Me inside the window and it’s all okay!”Bryant then went on to list all of McClain’s pilot accomplishments, before stating, “but then the space shirt and the pants were the wrong size so, actually unfortunately, the dream gotta die.”“But you still got to go to space, you just didn’t get to go outside the ship and do the spacewalk,” Michael Che responded to the obviously upset cosmonaut.“Yeah, I got to go to space,” Bryant added with a tearful voice. “I got to do all the chill stuff you know, like being shot into the sky like a bullet on fire and then once I got there, I got to eat all the steak dust. And, you know, be whizzin’ in my tube!”Bryant ended the skit with a “word of advice” to aspiring female astronauts: “You can all become astronauts, just not at the same time!”More on All-Female Spacewalk Aborted Due to Ill-Fitting Suit‘SNL’ Spoofs Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’ With ‘Horrifying’ Discover Card Skit‘SNL’ Momo Sketch Reveals Creepy Fried Chicken Chain Mascot Kit Harington Acts Out Leslie Jones’ ‘Game of Thrones’ Fantasy in SNL Promo’SNL’ Spoofs Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’ With ‘Horrifying’ Discover Card Skit Stay on targetlast_img

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