Motorized longboard plus Kinect equals the Board of Awesomeness

first_imgThe team over at Chaotic Moon based in Austin, Texas specialize in having as much fun with technology as they possibly can, hence the creation of the “Board of Awesomeness” (BOA). It’s an electric longboard that is controlled using motion picked up by a Kinect and then transmitted to an as yet unreleased Samsung Windows 8 tablet it uses for a brain. The result is one of the coolest, and probably most dangerous, skateboard rides we have seen. Capable of speeds of up to 32mph, the BOA combines video and speech recognition with location and accelerometer data to allow you to control the speed at which the board travels. By simply pushing your hands forward you tell the Kinect that you want to go faster, with the inverse being true to slow down. The BOA has three speed settings controlled by the tablet touchscreen allowing you to get your bearings when first learning to ride without going too fast, but then upping the top speed as you become more experienced. As far as balance and actually staying on the BOA, that is all up to you.The only difference between the BOA and playing a skateboard game on your Xbox 360 using a Kinect is that if you fall, you will actually get hurt, probably badly if you have the thing tweaked out to its full speed potential. In all seriousness, this is an impressive combination of technology that shows with a little ingenuity and a lot of attitude epic things are possible. Check out video of the BOA in action below:Read more at Chaotic Moon.last_img

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