OS X Lion adding support for highresolution Retina displays

first_imgIt turns out that the early version of OS X 10.7 (Lion) that Apple gave out to developers is revealing all sorts of interesting stuff. Earlier we noted how it would bring TRIM support for SSDs, but it might enable access to Retina-type (high resolution / high pixel density) displays as well.Apparently Apple has furthered their resolution independence efforts by building in support for “HiDPI display modes”. What these modes do is allow the software to work with doubled resolution displays by providing doubly large image elements. So while your display might be the same physical size, it will be able to operate twice the resolution that it previously would have and images will still look sharp. This is essentially what happens with iOS and the iPhone 4, so Apple has some experience with the operation. The update to OS X is building in support for this, the hardware has yet to become available. It’s also worth noting that while resolution independence was focused on using any resolutions the user wanted, HiDPI mode seemed to be focus on a more straightforward 2x design.AdChoices广告This is very much a forward-looking technology at this point. A 13-inch or larger display operating at twice the standard resolution is much harder to pull off than a 3.5-inch one, and even if it could be done right now these pixel-packed displays would be extremely expensive. Like processors, displays are subject to Moore’s Law, so we probably won’t see HiDPI-capable displays in any significant quantities for some time. And before we see them landing on laptops or computer displays, you’ll probably have a tablet with one.Read more at Mac Rumors.last_img

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