11 shocking cute reasons why you should buy a daffodil today

first_imgTim Ockenden/PA Archive/Press Association Images5. Look how Meg the Welsh terrier frolics. Watch her go! Andrew Milligan/PA Archive/Press Association Images9. This lad is going to eat them all Shutterstock.com3. Look how much this lamb loves Daffodils DON’T LET THAT blasted weather fool you, it’s spring dammit, and with spring comes the Irish Cancer Society’s Daffodil Day.Sellers will be out and about up and down the country with a variety of daffodil related products on offer, if you feel like digging deep.If you need a nudge, here are some reasons why you need a daffodil today…1. These dogs have frolicked through them David Jones/PA Archive/Press Association Images6. What’s good enough for Tom Jones… Chris Ison/PA WireColumn: Battling cancer can be a very lonely time – we’re here to talk people through it>Where does my Daffodil Day money go?> David Cheskin/PA4. Could you say no to this little face? Sean Dempsey/PA Archive/Press Association Images7. If you don’t buy them Adam the zeedonk will eat them allJohnny Green/PA Archive/Press Association Images8. “DUDE, am I high, or are those daffodils?” Shutterstock.com2. You might get this ladybird as an added bonus Julien Behal/PA Wire11. It it looks like a daffodil and walks like a daffodil… Joe Giddens/PA Wire13. Look at all the hard work that’s gone into them Andrew Milligan/PA Wire10. Ah would you lookit? Ben Birchall/PA Wire12. Pip the wallaby wants you tolast_img

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