8 ways youve definitely mortified yourself on the internet

first_img Source: ImgurShe knows it all now. She’s seen EVERYTHING.5. Heading out on the town for a bit of a session only to wake up and discover that drunk texts were the last of your worries.  Source: QuickmemeWhat on earth is going on?*clicks* Source: GiphyIt’s ok though, we know a guy who knows how to deal with this sort of thing.6. Feeding the trolls and REALLY getting into it. Source: Tumblr THE WORLD WIDE web is often heralded as one of the greatest discoveries of our time.Sure didn’t it do wonders for communications and research? AND change the way we all went about our daily lives?It also brought with it the potential for even more daily mortification though.Here are 8 ways in which you’ve managed to leave your granny scarleh’ for havin’ your ma via the internet:1. Creating a ridiculous email address when you were 14 that’s now connected to everything and therefore impossible to delete. Source: Shutterstock Source: Giphy2. Accidentally sending an email meant for a friend to your whole contacts list in work. Source: GiphyAnd now you just KNOW everyone in the office looks at you differently. Source: Imgur3. Having a rant about someone in the wrong chat window.  Source: TumblrSure you meant to send them that paragraph and a half about themselves…You were only coddin’. Source: Giphy4. Adding your ma on Facebook. It was all a bit of harmless fun to begin with.And then she started leaving you comments. Source: Pleated-jeans And spent a good hour going through all those old posts you forgot to hide. Only to have your argument torn apart by this guy. Source: Giphy7. Making a spelling or grammar mistake in a comments section or online forum. Source: GiphyGenerally involving the words your and you’re. Or their and there.While attempting to make a REALLY important point in an argument with one of these lads. Source: Giphy8. Accidentally liking a photo, tagging a photo or liking/commenting on a status while Facebook creeping. Source: GiphyDELETE DELETE DELETE.And hope to God they haven’t got email notifications switched on. Source: TumblrThere’s only one thing for it now lads. Source: Gifrific9 parents spectacularly embarrassing their children on Facebook>11 great tips for sexting, according to The Internet>last_img

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