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it is easy to call a news anchor a ‘presstitute’ on Twitter, "the pawnshop for the stars" has been drawing the Hollywood set since 1938 The upscale family-owned and -operated pawnshop specializes in high-end jewelry watches fine art and entertainment memorabilia such as the occasional OscarJordan Tabach-Bank is the shop’s third-generation pawnbroker He has thick dark hair a bright smile and eyes that gleam with well-kept secrets One such secret is a coveted Oscar that he says is "particularly unbelievable" and although he can’t reveal the famous honoree he spills that it belonged to a late director-producer whose family has kept it as an heirloom"They have been fortunate enough to be able to use it when they find themselves in a crunch" Tabach-Bank says "It’s difficult to get a bank loan in today’s climate it really is and one nice thing is if you come in with that Academy Award we can give you easily $50000 For this particular award $100000 was a no-brainer"Pawnshops of course allow customers to use their valuables as collateral in exchange for a loan Tabach-Bank says he offers on-the-spot loans in cash or wire with no credit checks no loan committee and a boilerplate agreement This is standard practice for pawnbrokers When the customer pays back the loan with interest he returns the merchandise If a client doesn’t pay back the loan however the pawnbroker will hold on to the merchandise and can resell it Tabach-Bank says his clients often pawn the same piece several times and the majority redeem their goods"We are one of the few pawn shops on the planet that I know of that has taken in Oscars" he says "And we’ve turned away several others because we are very familiar with the Academy’s rules"Tabach-Bank who has a background in law points out that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has stern restrictions on attempting to sell or auction an Oscar statuette if it was given to the honoree post 1951 After that date the Academy started holding winners to a contract in which they and their heirs can not sell their award without offering the Academy first right of refusal to purchase it back for $10 In a crucial 2015 legal victory for the Academy a Los Angeles County judge affirmed this rule "We have been lucky enough to have pre-1950 Academy Awards that we have taken in" Tabach-Bank says According to the Academy 3048 Oscar statuettes have been presented since the first ceremony in 1929 Tabach-Bank acknowledges that some awards are more valuable than others"None of the awards have intrinsic value" he says "It’s how rare was it and then what was the category Best picture best actor best supporting best screenplay . Those are important Sound Meh No offense to sound people"Tabach-Bank estimates that the value of a statuette can range from a few hundreds dollars to well beyond six figures Michael Jackson for example purchased the 1939 best picture Oscar for "Gone With the Wind" for a record $154 million in 1999The Academy does not condone such sales "The Academy its members and the many film artists and craftspeople who’ve won Academy Awards believe strongly that Oscars should be won not purchased" a rep saysThe value of a pre-1951 Oscar is not lost on another pawnbroker Elliott Salter who has been operating his eponymous West Hollywood shop for more than 45 years Whereas Beverly Loan Co keeps most of its baubles and other pricey goods in a nearby vault Salter’s shop is a classic cave of once-prized possessions In his Santa Monica Boulevard location there are guitars and saxophones bursting from the rafters giant antler mounts and other taxidermy dusty electronics and glass cases filled with everything from gold chains to leather-sheathed knivesThe shop is the last place you would expect to find the film industry’s most revered award but more than one Oscar has passed through Salter’s door"I had six of them from one guy; his dad was a set designer And in the end result he got them all back—and then somebody stole them from him in Texas" he says with a mischievous glint in his eye The pawnbroker looks like a funky wizard with gray sideburns and bushy eyebrows paired with a goatee gold wire-rim glasses and a missing tooth He’s seen firsthand the hard times that can accompany the those in the entertainment industry Customers have pawned watches to finance films and he has held expensive camera equipment ransom so a loan can cover the crew’s wagesSalter is aware of the Academy’s restrictions on Oscar ownership but he points out that there is a black market for everything"It’s kind of like gee let’s see selling an Oscar that you shouldn’t sell or dealing in hundreds of pounds of cocaine" he says "Now which one do you think the police or the feds are going to go after"It’s all part of a process experts use to map sites of archaeological significance — though it’s a process they prefer to use before not after development begins on a site holding cultural resourcesBut that didn’t happen before a Minnesota Department of Transportation construction project disturbed sacred burial grounds of the Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa In fact MnDOT failed to consult with the band prior to construction at allOn May 26 MnDOT halted a construction project along Minnesota Highway 23 at Mission Creek after the band informed transportation officials they had disturbed gravesites Jeff Savage the director of the Fond du Lac Band’s cultural center and museum said the oversight is inexcusable"There’s no excuse whatsoever for MnDOT not knowing that that site was historical Time and time again mainstream culture just denies the reality" Savage said "You’re going to get nothing but anger and disgust out of me because it happens time after time"It’s not the first time construction work disturbed the burial grounds In 1869 railroad construction unearthed bodies at Mission Creek that later were reburied at the Roussain Cemetery in what’s now Jay Cooke State Park The initial construction of Highway 23 disturbed the grounds again in 1937Now in the wake of the latest damage geophysicists and archaeologists are using a variety of methods at the site to recover the remains and determine the extent of the cemetery said Jim Jones the lead archaeologist for the Minnesota Indian Affairs CouncilMnDOT has hired both an archaeology and geophysics firm from Minneapolis to help identify and recover the remains under Jones’ oversight Both firms continue to train and hire tribal members and other local residents to help with the workMnDOT hosted an open house on June 14 and answered questions about the steps they would take in the recovery process"No question disturbing the sacred burial sites was an incredibly horrific event" MnDOT Commissioner Charles Zelle told a crowd at that event "We do take responsibility . We’re just beginning to understand the pain and the anger that comes from a disruption that we could have avoided"People in attendance inquired about the processes archaeologists and geophysicists would use to assess the site and recover the remains "Please please please treat them with respect" one woman told officials at the open houseIn the disturbance of unplatted burial grounds state law requires that the Indian Affairs Council assume leadership in the recovery process if the state archaeologist determines that the human remains are of Native American origin Tribal leadership must then receive possession of all remains for disposition"I am working in collaboration with the Fond du Lac Band and tribal elders and community members to make sure that it is done in the most respectful and best way possible" Jones said of the research and recovery work at the open house in JuneMnDOT continues to cooperate with the band the Indian Affairs Council and the Office of the State Archaeologist during regular meetings The agency plans to host a second open house at a date yet to be determinedJones hosted a two-day cultural resources training session earlier this month where he explained the relevant laws and shared replica artifacts — objects they would expect to find in the recovery effortEleven people attended the training session 10 of whom belonged to the Fond du Lac Band Jones said the training allows band members to help in the current project if they choose while preparing them for future projects"That went great" he said of the training session Additional training for band members will soon be scheduledNon-intrusive methodsDuring his 30-plus years of working in archaeology Jones has watched the growth of non-intrusive technologies in assessing historic sitesDave Maki of Archaeo-Physics LLC in Minneapolis said the technologies have caught on for a reason"It’s non-intrusive as opposed to traditional archaeology approaches" Maki said of methods such as electrical resistivity and ground penetrating radar "We can learn something about the archeology without disturbing it and learn something about the cultural significance"Electrical resistivity is often used when mapping sites of archaeological significance Maki and Andrew Wise a Duluth resident Maki often hires were two of those figures in neon safety vests who have spent weeks toeing at least 2000 square meters of the historic burial ground’s surfaceEvery 25 centimeters Maki and Wise moved the electrical resistivity meter and poked its two metal stakes about a centimeter into the soil The stakes on the end of the instrument injected an electrical current into the ground to measure the resistivity of the material or how difficult it is for electricity to move through an area in the groundAn area of higher resistivity will show up darker on a map charting the data Maki said while less-resistant material will show up lighterMaki compares his data to how the known location of a remain appears when it’s surveyed and from that he can get a good idea of what is beneath the surfaceMaki said he almost always uses a second form of technology to verify the results of the first At Mission Creek his team used ground-penetrating radar or GPRGPR transmits a high-frequency radio signal into the ground while recording the time it takes for a reflected signal to return This indicates a target’s depth and location in the groundOn a morning in July one crew member slowly wheeled a box containing the radar antenna along the ground while another crew member watched as the data came in on the attached computer screen a few feet awayOn that particular morning Maki had help from two crew members as they surveyed a 50-meter stretch of road surface Maki likes to "oversample" to improve the data he said Every two centimeters the GPR equipment transmits a pulse into the ground but each transmission averages eight readings per pulse He calls it data-stackingMaki has had three men from the Leech Lake Reservation working with him all of whom have experience with burial recovery and archaeological work he said — experience they can use to help mentor othersThe archaeological processUnder Minnesota’s Field Archaeology Act state-owned land is subject to an archaeological survey before construction in order to preserve and protect archaeological matter"That’s another statute that was kind of missed on this project because it should have had an extensive archaeological review and even a records review" Jones saidArchaeologists refer to this first review as a Phase One survey because it provides a historical overview and answers whether the ground holds archaeological material before a project begins Projects that use federal money or are on state land require a Phase One surveySigrid Arnott of Sigrid Arnott Consulting the Minneapolis-based archaeological firm MnDOT hired this summer specializes in such surveys and is now serving on-site as the principal investigator Although she does not do the geophysical work Arnott often works with geophysicists including Archaeo-Physics because the science can inform archaeologists where historical objects are locatedShe describes her role as the facilitator of all the project’s moving parts"It’s like building a forensics case" Arnott said "It’s not like you get one source of information that solves it all You have so many parts to the puzzle but every time we use a method it gives us a little more information"Project officials do not yet know when the project nor the Phase One survey will reach completion but archaeologists and trained band members will recover the remains for the band to then rebury properlyFor Arnott this project differs from her other archaeological work Instead of pursuing a research question she said the crew is guiding its decisions based on the band’s long-term needs"It’s probably going to help in the future on other sites" Arnott said "We’re developing new scientific methods and I think everyone is excited about that It could have a positive effect in the future or an outcome that would help other people"Ojibwe occupiedFond du Lac Band member Matthew Northrup said he was 10 when his father showed him the burial grounds at Mission Creek for the first time Northrup is the son of the late Jim Northrup who was a renowned author and Ojibwe traditionalist He showed a young Matthew the location of his ancestorsNow whenever Matthew Northrup drives past the site on Highway 23 he rolls down his window and performs the sacred ritual of burning tobacco"I’ve known forever that there are graves here" he said while visiting the site "I just didn’t know this project was happening"A couple blocks east of the burial site on Highway 23 sits a historical marker that notes "this was the site of a major Chippewa Indian settlement from the sixteenth through the nineteenth centuries"To the northwest on the other side of Jay Cooke State Park sits the Fond du Lac Reservation created by the Treaty of 1854 that ceded much of the Ojibwe-occupied Arrowhead region to the federal government for mining useThe area now known as the Fond du Lac neighborhood in Duluth along the St Louis River has served as Ojibwe gathering grounds since the 1600s but Native Americans started occupying the area thousands of years before"A lot of people think Indian Country is only on reservations but no this is all Indian" Northrup said as he waved his hand across the entire landscape in front of himA designer hand paints the lips of a prototype Barbie dollEmily Shur for TIME A designer hand paints the lips of a prototype Barbie dollEmily Shur for TIME1 of 8ToysBehind the Scenes At Mattel: See How Barbie Is CreatedTIME StaffJan 28 2016Creating three new bodies for Barbie—tall petite and curvy—was no small task It took her design team two years to complete the project Photographer Emily Shur captures a glimpse of how the iconic doll is put together in these behind-the-scenes photos at Mattel’s headquarters just outside Los Angeles CADesigners carefully paint lips and eyes on the dolls by hand They sew on her hair with a sewing machine before they cut and style it by hand They even keep archives of past experiments in their studioRead the TIME cover story on Barbie’s new bodyWe are all learning the hard way that when it comes to politics one must expect the unexpected Brexit shocked us Trump stumped us And then came the news that Yogi Adityanath has becomeUP’s Chief Minister Predictably the outrage was greatest on Twitter and in our newsrooms While Adityanath’s (so called allegedly) inflammatory statements from his past rallies were played out in a loop on our TV screens the words ‘bhakt’ ‘sanghi’ ‘sickular’ ‘libtard’ and ‘presstitute’ flew thick and fast on social media where allegations were traded UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath PTI I have had enough of those hurled at me People assume that I am far left and when I am actually in the center And sometimes people have assumed that I am far right just because I praised some good ideas by this government But the thing is one can have a political opinion that is not uniform because politics is not uniform I personally think wescream more and appreciate less The Congress has much to be appreciated and so does the BJP I live in a utopian world where I think there is a possibility to appreciate good work by the people branded as the worst The ‘liberal’ media flag was kept flying high by the usual suspects: Rajdeep Sardesai Sagarika Ghose and my friend fearless Barkha rani along with websites like Scrollin and The Wire Meanwhile there were counter chants of “Give him a chance” by other respected journalists like Rahul Kanwal But there’s a bigger story was brewing and it did not go unnoticed It was the TINA factor People of UP voted overwhelmingly for BJP because they felt “There Is No Alternative” (TINA) TINA was the one who caused her daughter to get Rahul and Anjali married Remember Kuch Kuch Hota Hai We also saw the major gathbandhan between Congress and Samajwadi Party because of TINA’s progeny SUAT (Stand United Against Them) But after all the mehnat of complicated marriages they failed? The filing,[email protected] a few of the village girls have taken up matters in their own hands. Jaromír Jágr Like Russian,In a letter to SBHE Interim Chancellor Larry Skogen,Wednesday? according to the agency. PDP.

who suddenly seem to be popping up everywhere. Large, The app is free, Police said the arrested prime accused Nishu was booked under various provisions of the IPC including 376 D (gang rape),He worked as a Grand Forks patrol officer for 10 years, a 62nd-minute replacement for Benzema, Image courtesy: Twitter @BNPPARIBASOPEN "I’m still shaking, 42 minute marathon contest." said Conte. I was like.

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