Perksy Gives Brands and Marketers Unparalleled Insight into Millennials Through its Mobile

center_img Data is increasingly at the core of most decisions for brands and marketers yet it’s increasingly difficult to collect meaningful data. Perksy changes that with its DIY, mobile consumer insights platform that collects real-time data from millennials and Gen-Z. The mobile platform uses a blend of design, pop culture, and mobile gaming to engage users and entice them to answer surveys as well as be rewarded for their insights.  Brands, with a few clicks, can create their own surveys and select hyper-targeted groups of consumers through 35+ demographics, location, & social data factors to focus on.AlleyWatch  sat down with Founder and CEO Nadia Masri to learn more about the future of consumer insights and Perksy’s future plans.Tell us about the product or service that Perksy offers.Perksy is a next-gen consumer insights platform for brands and a category-creating rewards app for consumers. Our DIY platform powers real-time research with Millennials and Gen-Z through our immersive, design-driven mobile app that rewards users for answering the questions that come from our platform. Brands everywhere can create their own survey questions, select hyper-targeted groups of consumers through 35+ demographics, location, and social data, and get results back in real-time within minutes.How is Perksy different?Brands today don’t have a month to sit around and wait for research results because what their audience wants today may not be what they want tomorrow. Perksy enables any brand anywhere to get instant feedback from an audience at scale, be it in-store, by state or even a one-block radius. As soon as they submit their campaign our team takes a quick look then it goes out to users in our app whose answers are displayed live in real-time as they come in. Gone are the days of waiting over a month for market research.What market does Perksy target and how big is it?Our market is anyone looking to understand their audience better, from startups like Burrow to Fortune 500s like Coca-Cola. We’re currently in the USA and Canada, so our targets are all companies in these areas, but we use very different tactics for different types and sizes of companies.What is the business model?What we usually do with new and potential clients is an ad-hoc campaign at $1 per question (a fraction of the traditional price). This gives them a chance to explore the platform, learn how to create questions, and see what we really mean by real-time results. After brands have a chance to see how valuable our service is in comparison to traditional methods, they convert to our subscription model which enables them to ask all the questions they need to without any limits and for even cheaper.What inspired the start of Perksy?I realized brands lacked effective means to reach Millennials & Gen-Z for feedback, so I launched Perksy with a mission to redefine data capture and make it relevant for the mobile generation – combining elements of design, pop culture, and mobile gaming.What are the biggest challenges with collecting incentivized feedback?When you incentivize people properly and build out the experience so it’s fun and feels like a game, there aren’t many challenges. But the biggest challenge we’ve faced is that people always want more stacks to reach their next reward faster.What are the milestones that you plan to achieve within six months?Our projected sales for this year are $3M.What is the one piece of startup advice that you never got?Hire slow, fire fast.If you could be put in touch with anyone in the New York community who would it be and why?Anna Wintour because first of all, she’s a legend.  But she has also reinvented and revolutionized her category through creativity an uncountable number of times and as a startup, our mission is to do the same.What’s your favorite restaurant in the city?Burger & Lobster because it is a New York staple.last_img

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