MIAMIEWORLDWIRE – From luxuriously playful labyri

first_imgMIAMI/EWORLDWIRE – From luxuriously playful labyrinth aquariums to upper echelon diamond televisions, Miami-based Opulent Items presents a vast collection of unique finds and highly unusual luxury products from around the world.Opulent Items’ line contains over 150 products and consists of five categories:. Indoor Home . Outdoor Home . Play . Personal . OfficeMost products are imported as the company scours the globe in search of the innovative and incomparable. President Henry Gonzalez states, “We spent a full year searching for and discovering unprecedented models from every region imaginable.”Opulent Items was established in January of 2008 and extends offerings via Internet, print catalogs and sales representatives. All countries are served.To view the line, please visit” alt=”last_img” />

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