The Universe Is A Donut: Phish Brings Classics, Cosmic “Harpua,” Hendrix Debut On Jimmies Night

first_imgIf you’ve spent any considerable time around the Phish from Vermont over the last 34-odd years, you’re no doubt familiar with the “never miss a Sunday show” adage. And if you’ve spent even one night on the musical game-board that is Midtown Manhattan over the past week and change, you’re becoming familiar with a newly forming adage, though one that’s no less true: For The Love Of Icculus, Never Ever–EVER–Miss A Baker’s Dozen Show. Especially if that Baker’s Dozen show happens to fall on a Sunday…Following Saturday night’s “Cinnamon” show, which saw more fingers in the air than at any show in recent memory, extras were plentiful outside the Garden early Sunday evening. But just because the tickets were there for the taking, doesn’t mean the excitement was any less palpable among the New York masses. The gravity of this historic residency has begun to fully register for everyone within the Phish universe (and even for those outside this beautiful bubble). The excitement and creative stimulus afforded by the nightly themes, the out-of-the-blue covers and rarities dredged up by the band’s commitment to no repeats over the run’s 13 shows; it’s all continued to raise the stakes each night, and the band has continued to exceed the ever-rising expectations. We’re now on the back half of the Baker’s Dozen, which means the band is not only fully settled and in a groove, but also crossing ever-more songs off the list, necessitating deep dives into their 30+ year-long catalog. On top of all that, Phish announced that the flavor of the day was “Jimmies”–understandably setting the rumor mill ablaze. Jimi Hendrix. Runaway Jim. And, of course, every Phish fan’s favorite Jimmy–that blissfully ignorant owner of an eternally unlucky feline by the name of Poster Nutbag…Phish took the stage at just about 10 minutes past 8, and proceeded to deliver an immaculate opening set filled with “white whale” song selections, big Type-1 peaks, and thoroughly dialed-in musicianship across the board. The band got the show on the road with the summer’s first “The Curtain,” prompting ecstatic cheers from the audience. The first of a litany of Phish classics to appear during Sunday’s performance, the fan favorite was played to perfection, before moving into a delicate yet rapturous “With” jam. Nailed it.A theme-appropriate “Runaway Jim” got the call in the two-spot, with Mike Gordon leading the foursome into a funky groove before passing the ball to Page McConnell for an impressive dual synth/organ keyboard run, simultaneously holding down the sonic texture and pushing the story forward melodically. Trey Anastasio hopped out front from there, getting dark and gritty before leading the song to a classic white-light peak. Nailed it.Gordon-penned Big Boat composition “Waking Up Dead” followed, making its first appearance since Mexico this past January. After just a handful of performances of the complex new composition—many of them somewhat botched—this version sounded fantastic, Page shining the brightest with his unhinged organ funk fills. It’s clear they’ve been practicing it, and it paid off handsomely last night. The song’s haunting slither seemed to portend the imminent post-Night 8 morning that awaited us all today, and its weirdness foreshadowed the dark, shadowy jamming that was coming in set two. Nailed it!The ominous atmosphere continued with a rare rendition of creepy carnival-kidnapping caper “Esther,” just the fifth since 2010 and the first since the memorable bustout-filled first set on 8/9/15 at Alpine Valley. After a raucous, peaking “Home” (which is rapidly becoming one of the best Big Boat tunes in the live arena) and straightforward renditions of “Brian and Robert” and “Nellie Kane,” Phish incited the loudest screams yet as they kicked into yet another pair of beloved early-years rarities not played since 8/9/15: “Colonel Forbin’s Ascent” > “Fly Famous Mockingbird!” “Forbin’s” was joyous and filled with laughs (especially as Trey “censored” the “weary shit-ass” line to “weary carcass”), and the notoriously difficult-to-play “Mockingbird” was absolutely, confidently, emphatically nailed.The “Mockingbird” narrations also featured more amusing nods to the evening’s theme. First, Trey quoted the “Jimmy” lyrics from “Squirming Coil,” reciting them a la medieval poetry—”The words of the Helping Friendly Book are powerful, but you don’t need many of them, for lo, it is written: Lo…’Jimmy holds the Tannis Root, The forest’s tasty nectar shoot, The sun tips off the monarch’s suit, From sequined sash to shiny boot…” But of course, he just told us that so he could tell us this (taking inspiration from The Beatles‘ “Glass Onion”): “Here’s another clue for you all: The monarch was Wilson!…And here’s another clue for you all: The Walrus was Jimmy!!!”From there, the crowd already thoroughly delighted, the band launched into the summer ’17 debut of “David Bowie,” highlighted by sparse, focused jamming with Gordon’s bass and Trey’s piercing guitar leading the way. Chris Kuroda made spectacular use of his new toys on his well-documented favorite Phish song, putting an exclamation point on a nearly too-good-to-be-true set one. Throughout the set, Phish was a hammer, and every song they queued up looked just like a nail. All that was missing was a “Bittersweet Motel” to validate the metaphor—though there was nothing “bitter” about Sunday’s first frame.After a break, Phish came out for set two and lit into The Who‘s “Drowned,” a song originally sung by Quadrophenia‘s young protagonist: Jimmy. This “Drowned” marked the second time a big version of the song has opened a second set at MSG, the first being 12/31/95—one of the closest things the notoriously picky Phish fan base has to a consensus “best show.” The song continued the trend it set on New Year’s ’95, wading deep into the waters with a submerged “echolocation” jam, each musician tossing up lines for each other to catch and land with smoothly. Fish-powered bliss led to swelling Trey flourishes, floating across the sound mix side-to-side, the light rig never more appropriate in its “underwater marionette”-like splendor. The jam touched briefly on “Mountain Jam” before riding an unrelenting backbeat from Fishman and whale calls from Trey to a beautiful piano lead (cleverly juxtaposed with a cacophonous feedback loop) and, finally, dissolving into a billowing mist.“A Song I Heard The Ocean Sing” followed, continuing the dark, brooding improv that had already been established throughout the show. This ocean song got some swanky lounge style jamming, evoking the same Genesis-type vibe they’ve hit with precision on several jams this run. Trey laid down funky rhythm fills while Fishman applied the gas and Mike and Page colored in the lines—really taking it out there, loose and open, catching connections. After a dissonant build, the band broke the vamp down to virtually nothing, bobbing on soft ghost notes before growing into tension-building minimalist weirdness. Riding the jam’s final waves, Trey locked into an ascending riff, accenting a drum-and-bass groove with a quick “Jimmy!” delay loop jam. “Jimmy” echoed through the room, and a single word crept into the audience’s heads—“Harpua??”—before the endlessly-chased song’s “oom-pah-pah” intro delivered on that suspicion, the Garden delirious with excitement.“A Song I Heard The Ocean Sing”As the song started, stagehands brought out chairs for Mike and Trey, who sat down, crossed their legs, and proceeded to grab their newspapers and read. Trey broke the silence with a thoughtful exclamation: “Wow, there’s lumps in the cosmic gravy. No seriously, there’s lumps in the cosmic gravy!” With comically scholarly, “Schoolhouse Rock!” matter-of-fact-ness, the band went on to explain—in what appeared to be mostly Phish-y nonsense—a thorough reasoning of why in actuality, and according to science, The Universe is, in fact, a donut. The “Harpua” narration saw each of the band members joke and pontificate about the “cosmic fireballs,” “large-scale radiations,” “squishing,” “topology,” “submicroscopic loops,” nods to various Phish lyrics, and other silliness in service of explaining why, obviously—”DUH”—The Universe has to be a donut!It wasn’t until after the show was over and the Internet was surfed that fans seemed to discover that this amusing “Harpua” skit wasn’t gibberish at all. It was, in fact, pulled almost word-for-word from a 2003 article in the New York Times, titled The Universe As Doughnut, which presents a sincere, science-backed astrophysical argument for why The Universe is actually shaped like a donut. So it wasn’t “distress tubes” and “solar garlic” and “slicing nipples.” It was science. Data. Phish wouldn’t lie to us, of course—The Universe has to be a donut. And during this incredible Baker’s Dozen run, donuts have been our universe.[Video: djmaffi]After completing the “Harpua” composed section with a hilariously-altered refrain (“Poster is Dead, and the universe is a donut”), the band dropped into a down-and-dirty “2001,” featuring still more dark jamming augmented with smoke machines and “Harpua” teases from Trey. Finally, they finished the set off with a sing-along “Golgi Apparatus” and an a cappella “In The Good Old Summer Time,” which featured Fish lyrical flubs that only further excited the grateful crowd.For the encore—during which Trey wore an “Is This Still Lawn Boy” shirt, a nod to Jam-Filled night 4—a Jimi Hendrix cover seemed like a strong bet. “Bold as Love,” “Fire,” and even the rare “Izabella” were thrown around as guesses, but the band instead opted for another unexpected turn: their debut of Are You Experienced? classic “The Wind Cries Mary.”Wow. Just…wow. Just when you think it can’t get better on this incredible run, Phish exceeds your wildest imagination once again. “The Curtain With,” “Esther,” “Forbins” > “Mockingbird,” “Bowie,” “Harpua” all in the same show?! Lots of dark, dirty, weird improv? Barely a single note misplaced throughout the night? And a Hendrix cover debut taboot? The Baker’s Dozen refuses to disappoint. The band is on an incredible hot streak, making magic at every turn—and we’ve still got 5 more nights to go! What a time to be a Phish fan…[cover photo by Instagram user type2photography]Hot Takes:Repeat Watch: Ok, at this point I think we can all agree that “repeat watch” is pretty much on auto-pilot. But for posterity’s sake: Over the course of the first 8 nights of the Baker’s Dozen, Phish has played 145 different songs, and hasn’t repeated a single one.Today’s Donut: “Jimmies” [“Runaway Jim”; “Fly Famous Mockingbird” (“The Walrus was Jimmy!“); “Drowned” (sung from the perspective of Jimmy in The Who’s Quadrophenia); “A Song I Heard The Ocean Sing” (“Jimmy!” delay loop quotes from Trey); “Harpua”, “The Wind Cries Mary” (by Jimi Hendrix)]We Tired Yet?: Going into Sunday’s show? Sure. Coming out? Never felt more energized. Almost upset that we don’t have a show tonight. But then again, there’s a mountain of laundry building up and the new Game of Thrones burning a hole in the DVR…maybe a day off isn’t such a bad idea. See you Tuesday!SETLIST: Phish | Baker’s Dozen Night 8 | Madison Square Garden | New York, NY | 7/30/17SET 1: The Curtain With > Runaway Jim, Waking Up Dead, Esther, Home, Brian and Robert, Nellie Kane, Colonel Forbin’s Ascent > Fly Famous Mockingbird > David BowieSET 2: Drowned, A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing, Harpua > Also Sprach Zarathustra > Golgi Apparatus, In The Good Old Summer TimeENCORE: The Wind Cries Mary[1][1] Phish debut.last_img read more

Where will CO-OP’s security roadmap take us in 2017?

first_imgFighting fraud is one of the biggest challenges credit unions face right now. CO-OP has developed a four-part roadmap for 2017 to help clients mitigate fraud and reduce false positives.“Throughout this year, we are introducing new tools in a layered approach,” says Stephanie Pike, senior product manager for CO-OP. Because fraud is such a complex, rapidly-changing threat today, this means using a variety of tools and approaches. “Sometimes clients will ask why there have to be so many mechanisms in place,” Pike says. “Fraud is changing so rapidly, you can’t just rely on one tool or technology.”It’s equally important to balance security against member experience. While members want greater security, they do not want to sacrifice effortless transactions to achieve it. “Right now, we’re seeing this dynamic at work with fallback transactions. Some issuers are being overzealous and blocking all transactions,” Pike says. “The vast majority of these are legitimate, so issuers have to find a way to balance security against the members’ need to complete transactions successfully.”Sharper tools and support from CO-OP can help. The four key elements to CO-OP’s security roadmap are: continue reading » 8SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

Wisconsin misses on power play chances

first_imgDULUTH, Minn. – All-season long the Wisconsin women’s hockey team dominated offensively. However, Minnesota goaltender Noora Ray proved to be the factor that would stop the Badger powerhouse in the final game of the season.Although losing the national championship game, the Badgers outshot the Gophers 44-25. Head coach Mark Johnson felt his team was simply unable to put the puck in the net and turn the game around despite a strong showing.“We battled, made a few mistakes in situations, didn’t execute in others but the effort was there,” Johnson said. “We needed a break or a bounce tonight and didn’t get it in the second half of the game.”Raty posted 42 saves Sunday night and kept UW off the scoreboard in both the second and third periods, giving way for Minnesota’s 4-2 victory.Wisconsin was not short of quality opportunities. Late in the first period after coming back from a two-goal deficit, UW found itself with a two-man advantage for just over a minute after two tripping calls against the Gophers. Unable to find the back of the net, UW instead gave up a goal after Minnesota capitalized on a penalty shot after a tripping call was made on a Gopher break away.“We had an opportunity. There were several points in the game you look for, but we didn’t take advantage of it. … We had the opportunity with the 5 v. 3 power play,” Johnson said. “If you score there it will take a little wind out of their sail after the two goal start.”In the second period UW was on the power play with just over three minutes left to play. Needing a boost to tie the game up and find energy to close out the period, the Badgers came up short. The Gopher penalty kill denied all opportunity and created a break away opportunity for themselves, forcing Wisconsin goaltender Alex Rigsby to step up and make the stop.Again with just under three minutes to go in the final period, Wisconsin found itself in power play situation. After pulling Rigsby, UW sought a two-man advantage. Raty proved nearly invincible in the final minutes of the game. With 20 shots alone coming in that last period, Wisconsin turned on the heat in a comeback attempt. With all 20 shots on net ending up in saves, Wisconsin just could not find a way to get the puck in the net.Coming into the championship game, Wisconsin knew they would be facing a tough defensive opponent. Allowing only three goals in her last six games, Raty serves as base for the Minnesota defensive. The unit was consistently rated number one in the nation with an average of 1.32 goals allowed per game. Sunday’s final game showed nothing less and displayed why it is the defense that leads a team to a championship.Responding quickly to the two-goal deficit the team faced to begin play, the offense was not without accomplishment. It only took UW 2:40 after falling two goals behind to put the puck away. In the end, the response created in the first period was unable to be repeated again, leading the Badgers to end their season without the championship trophy.Leaving Wisconsin is a senior class that has been the leading force behind the strong offense. Senior forwards Carolyne Prevost, Brooke Ammerman and captain Hilary Knight highlighted the UW scoreboard in their four years as Badgers, combining for 196 points this season. Although unable to pull off a win in the final game, they did not end their careers without a fight.last_img read more

Donegal campaigner’s delight as county gets new wheelchair accessible bus route

first_imgThe National Transport Authority has announced it is to add 40 new wheelchair accessible buses to rural routes including Donegal. The news has been welcomed by local disability campaigner Vicky Matthew who has been campaigning for a route from Ballyshannon in recent months.The Donegal woman had launched a petition calling for routes to be updated and is due to hand it to TDs at Leinster House next week. Vicky had revealed how she would be prevented from attending college in Sligo from SeptemberShe told him she aims to attend college in Sligo in September if Bus Éireann could not provide a wheelchair-accessible bus from Ballyshannon.However, the NTA has now revealed that 40 new wheelchair accessible buses are to be rolled out – the first of which comes to Donegal in August.The buses are due to be delivered by August. The NTA said Bus Éireann is also working on a ‘number of accessibility projects nationwide.’ Ms Matthew told Newstalk: “This means that me personally, I am going to be able to go to college,” she said.“But it doesn’t stop here. The petition is for wheelchair-accessible public buses on all routes nationwide so next week, I will be going up to the Dáil to hand this to the Minister for Transport.”She thanked everybody who has been involved with her campaign and signed or shared her petition.She said the campaign helped her raise her voice to “be heard that wheelchair accessible buses are a basic human right.”“I am grateful,” she said. “Today is a big step forward for people with disabilities getting the services they need.” “Please keep signing and sharing the petition. I will keep campaigning until every wheelchair user in the country is able to access public buses but today is a victory.“Thank you everybody.”The change has been welcomed by Donegal Deputy Thomas Pringle and Independent candidate for Donegal Electoral Area Valerie McNulty.Deputy Pringle said: “I’m delighted to see that after much campaigning particularly by activist Vicky Mathews that Bus Eireann have finally responded to the needs of people with disabilities. This is an important development as people with disabilities who live in rural Ireland suffer disproportionately from a lack of public transport.” Valerie McNulty also welcomed the news saying: “I worked hard alongside Thomas Pringle to get an answer from the relevant authorities for a number of months now on this issue. This move is setting a precedent for other areas to follow so that all barriers for people will disabilities can be removed.”“I look forward to the rolling out of the buses this August in time for the start of the new college year and will keep the issue of accessible transport on the agenda going forward” concluded McNulty.Donegal campaigner’s delight as county gets new wheelchair accessible bus route was last modified: April 5th, 2019 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:Ballyshannonbus eireannbus routeDisabilitydonegalViky Mathewswheelchairlast_img read more

Tips for Successful Video and Film Freelancing

first_imgWhether it’s the first day of the project or the last, these 10 tips for successful freelancing will keep you on the top of your game.If you’re new to film and video freelancing or just starting out in a creative industry these 10 tips should help you get off on the right foot and also help you wrap up your projects in the best possible way. This obviously isn’t an exhaustive list but hopefully it will help you find your way if you’re new to the business and get you hired for more freelancing work in the future.5 Tips for Your First Day on a Project1. Be on TimeIn the film industry on time means 15 minutes early, as one director I work with a lot likes to say. This is especially true of on-set freelancing when the day is often running to a tight time schedule. You don’t want to be the one who is holding up the crew from turning over. Check the call sheet for your call time and be there early. Those extra minutes will also give you time to fraternise with the rest of the crew (an important part of networking in the film and video business).2. Bring Your ToolsWhatever kit it is that you need to do your job your way – make sure you have it with you. As an editor this means either bringing my laptop, headphones, spare harddrive, etc.  If I’m in a client suite a USB stick with my keyboard settings on it, some favorite key sound effects and some pre-made Compressor settings are always with me. Having these to hand saves me plenty of time trying to get the suite how I like it. Whatever your profession come prepared.3. Don’t Bring LunchIf it’s my first day at a place I’ll usually make a point of not bringing lunch with me. Why? Because I want to have a decent excuse to get out and stretch my legs and take a breather. If the client offers to buy lunch – excellent, but it usually comes with the ploy of making you eat ‘al-desco’ and squeezing out some more work. Obviously if you’re on set its more than likely you’ll be catered for.  As an editor more often than not I’m left to my own devices and I prefer to seize the break.4. Remember NamesRemembering someone’s name is an easy way to make them feel valued. It is a tiny thing to get right but failing to do so is apt to make everyone involved feel awkward. If you’re bad a names then scribble it down or make a point of saying it each time you meet them. Make it natural, you don’t want to appear like a weirdo.5. Bring Your T&Cs and Payment TermsAlways sort this up front.Ts & Cs? Terms and Conditions.Payment Terms? How long it will take to get paid, usually something like 14-60 days depending on what end of the spectrum you’re on.I have a document I send to new clients detailing how long a day is, what overtime is paid at, how long they have to pay the invoice, what kind of content I will and won’t work with and that I am permitted to keep a copy of the work for my portfolio. I’m pretty flexible on some of these (portfolio) but not on others (content, payment terms). It’s just helpful to have everything on paper from the start.5 Tips for Your Last Day on a ProjectFinishing well its arguably just as important as your first impression. Here are 5 tips for freelancing to help you finish well and make the most of the opportunity.1. Finish on scheduleFinishing on time and on budget is often what makes the difference between getting hired again and not. Earning some extra brownie points and (hopefully) some overtime putting in the extra hours to get the job delivered on deadline is what will solidify your relationship with the client and won’t be forgotten. If it looks like you won’t be able to deliver on time, warn people early.2. Put in your invoiceIt always astounds me when freelancing friends take ages to put in their invoice, because they don’t like doing admin. Don’t you want to get paid?! I try to make sure I email in my invoice once the project has been successfully completed and everyone is happy. If it is a long gig (more than a week or two) then I often split the invoice by week (or month).Make sure you know who is responsible for paying you (and who to send your invoice to of course). It is important that your invoice has clear information on how to physically pay you. A lot of bigger organisations will fold their freelance invoices into bi-monthly payment runs, which can lead to frustrating further delays if you don’t get your invoice in on time.3. Get a copy of your workOnce a job is done and dusted its often harder to go back and get the client to unearth a master copy of the finished piece. So the last day is the easiest time to ask to take a master copy away with you (you can persuade them that it will save hassle in the long run).Building your portfolio is an essential part to sowing seed for future jobs and demonstrating your professional prowess. Make the effort to get a copy then and there if possible. Or ask who you can follow up with to get a copy. Obviously sometimes this isn’t possible depending on the gig you’re working on, but try your best to get something that shows what you contributed.4. Back UpIt is impossible to tell which projects will get resurrected for a re-edit, re-shoot or re-vamp in the future. Keeping a copy of all your important project assets (projects files, final split-audio masters, notes, reference photos etc) will ensure you’re ready for any eventuality. As an editor I will keep a safety copy of the project files, final deliverables and sometimes a media-managed final timeline.  This way I don’t have to shoulder the burden of long term storage but I am ready to re-edit.5. (Later) Get FeedbackThis is something that I’ve not seen many freelancers do, but it makes a lot of sense to do it. A few weeks after the project is (or you are) finished, call or email in and ask for any feedback the client might have on what worked well, what you could improve on next time and other skills or services they could really use.This feedback will help you improve and making contact will hopefully help bring you to mind should there be more work in the pipeline.last_img read more

Corporate firms fund Mumbai universities makeover

first_imgFACELIFT: The Mumbai universityThe grand old lady of Mumbai-the Mumbai University campus and its ever-chiming Rajabai Tower-is all set for a new look.The university, established in 1857, will soon rub shoulders with Ivy League varsities like Harvard, once its makeover gets completed by 2010. Barren fields at its 242-acre Kalina,FACELIFT: The Mumbai universityThe grand old lady of Mumbai-the Mumbai University campus and its ever-chiming Rajabai Tower-is all set for a new look.The university, established in 1857, will soon rub shoulders with Ivy League varsities like Harvard, once its makeover gets completed by 2010. Barren fields at its 242-acre Kalina campus will soon sport tennis courts, an athletic track and an Olympic-size pool.The 280-ft high heritage Rajabai Tower at Fort, built by cotton entrepreneur and banker Premchand Roychand in memory of his mother, will get a much-needed facelift. The convocation hall, which has witnessed the graduation ceremonies of B.R. Ambedkar and Lokmanya Tilak, will also be restored to its lost glory. And, its 50 lakh students will soon have their own FM radio station.Finance Minister P. Chidambaram kicked off the makeover plans by allocating Rs 100 crore at the university’s sesquicentennial celebrations. An additional Rs 125 crore will come from UGC sanctions, corporate funding and state grants. Corporate houses such as Bajaj, Tata Consultancy Services and Raymond are funnelling in money.Of these, Rs 100 crore will be used to set up a nanotechnology research centre while the rest will be used for sports centres and development of existing infrastructure. “The university is thinking international; the old smugness is gone,” says author-columnist Shobhaa De, an alumnus and an adviser for the development plans.Click here to EnlargeWith news of foreign varsities setting up campuses on Indian soil, the university is gearing up to face the challenge with academic reforms. Says Vice-Chancellor Vijay Khole, “Better opportunities will attract good students and provide them with higher standards of education.” The university is also planning to set up six advanced research institutes with laboratories at par with BARC and TIFR.Besides doctoral programmes, the centres will promote research in green technology, basic and social sciences and applied research in atomic energy. It is planning a curriculum that suits the industry demands. “With reverse migration happening in the country, we should offer training to make our graduates employable,” says Venkatesh Kumar, associate professor.advertisementThe old-fashioned libraries at the Kalina and Fort campuses that house over seven lakh books and some rare manuscripts will soon emerge in a techno-savvy avatar. But what has got the students excited is their very own radio station on 107.8 FM. Set to take off by March, the four-hour broadcast will feature campus news, seminars and panel discussions. “It’s a non-commercial radio by students, which besides providing information, will give people a platform to showcase their talent,” explains Pankaj Athawale, an RJ who is responsible for setting up the station.For sports enthusiasts, the university will soon have a state-ofthe-art sports complex. The complex will have an athletic track, a swimming pool and a club house. A 20-court tennis complex is also in the offing. Sponsored by the Australian Tennis Association, it will be thrown open after the Davis Cup next year.The makeover is expected to boost the university’s image and attract quite a number of students from across the world. “It is a good university but lacks diversity. But with time.India will become a destination for students,” says south Mumbai MP, Milind Deora. De says,”They had fallen into an intellectual sluggishness but have finally woken up and the ambitious plans sound promising.” With these projects expected to be operational within the next three years, it may be a matter of time before the Mumbai University regains its former glory.last_img read more


first_imgTemperatures in Siouxland are going to be in the mid-90’s by the weekend and health officials caution people to be prepared for the heat.Floyd Valley Healthcare Emergency Room Manager, Mary Jo Clark, says people may be more susceptible to heat exhaustion and heat stroke since our bodies have not yet adjusted to the combination of hot temperatures and high humidity levels.She says there are several signs that a person is suffering heat stroke.Audio Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.OC……..start to vomit” :19Clark says in order to beat the heat you will need to consume a lot of fluids.Audio Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.OC……….makes you drink” :15There are two beverage types you should avoid.Audio Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.OC…..out of your body” :10The nursing supervisor in Le Mars says to take frequent breaks and to try to stay out of the direct sunlight during the peak afternoon hours.She says the type of clothing you wear can also help prevent heat exhaustion and heat stroke.Audio Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.OC……….keep you cool” :24The high temperatures and humidity predicted in the forecast will likely drive the heat index into the triple-digits this weekend.last_img read more


first_imgThere are plenty of aspects about Touch Footy that are unique and one of those is the way that our state and national competitions cater for the masters of our sport. One of the most encouraging sights at the Queensland State Cup and also the New South Wales State Cup is the number of senior players who have traveled to the event. It’s fantastic to see the experienced players, still fit, fast and strong, out on the fields, showing their skills and smarts. Many of these seniors are here because they’ve always been good players. They’ve kept involved with the sport not only because they love it, but because it’s a way to stay fit and healthy, they can catch up with old friends and they can take part with their families. Others are involved because they desire to keep representing their region, state and nation at competitions, including recent international competitions such as the All Nations Championships or the NTL. With so many of our elite Open representatives heading towards their early 30’s, the number of male and female players eligible for the over 30’s is rapidly rising and ensuring that our 30’s sides could just challenge the caliber of our Opens sides. The other great aspect of seeing these senior players still dominating the sport is the experience they pass on to their younger counterparts. Neil Ward, past Australian Mens Open captain, is here in Queensland playing for the Toowoomba Mens Open side. The invaluable experience, leadership and knowledge he brings to their side will no doubt help them through to the finals series. Scott Notley is also here with kids in hand and a leading role in the Ipswich Mens 35’s side. Angela Barr, one of Australia’s most capped representatives, has played at 4 World Cups and in countless other Australian sides and tours and still carves up the Womens Open competition here at Kawana. Playing alongside current Australian Womens Open Captain Sharyn Williams, Angela is no doubt passing along incredible knowledge to the many young players in the Sharks Womens Open side. In New South Wales the situation is no different, with Mark `Bus’ Boland continuing to increase his legend status as he is back for his 20th year competing in the Mens Open competition. For the Penrith Mens Open side, coach David Collins is well aware of how these senior players can positively influence their side’s success. David Cheung has represented Australian senior sides on several tours, including the recent All Nations tour and the 2003 World Cup and is playing alongside youngster Ben Moylan, just 16 years old and recently selected in the Australian 18’s development squad. In both NSW and Queensland there are countless past and present Australian Open and Senior representatives. All I have done here is list just a few. It’s fantastic for the development of our future starts to be playing with and against, or even just watching, these players who have been such important members of past Australian Open teams and recent senior teams and will continue to play such a crucial role in the development of our sport. By Rachel Grantlast_img

9 months agoDerby boss Lampard tells Bielsa: That’s bad sportsmanship

first_imgDerby boss Lampard tells Bielsa: That’s bad sportsmanshipby Paul Vegas9 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveDerby boss Frank Lampard says Leeds United have TWICE had spies watch their training this season.Before last night’s win, Leeds manager Marcelo Bielsa accepted responsibility for his club spying on Derby’s training session on Thursday, saying that it was his idea.Lampard said: “I don’t think we need to [make a complaint] because he has admitted it. It’s up to the league to see how they deal with it. Obviously it’s not just Derby County. We had someone the day before we lost 4-1 against them. “Now, Leeds can beat you 4-1 they are a fantastic team but we had someone in the bushes that day so twice this season now. The man was asked to leave but it wasn’t followed up like it was this time.”Asked about Bielsa taking responsibility, Lampard said: “Well that’s good, I spoke to him yesterday afternoon myself and he did the same to me so I’m pleased he’s done it again and said that. I think it makes it easier to deal with because at least, on a sportsmans’ level, it’s bad in my opinion. “If we are going to talk about culturally I did it somewhere else and it was fine then that doesn’t work for me because I don’t believe that it is fine on that level. It has disrupted our build-up for this game. “The fortunate thing is that it has disrupted us without really doing anything. People will stand here and say I’m trying to make excuses before the game, I will speak like this after the game as well, win, lose or draw because of what’s happened.” About the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

Ohio St QB Cardale Jones Has To Make His Stay/Go To NFL Decision Today, What Are People Saying He Should Do?

first_imgA closeup of Cardale Jones warming up for an Ohio State football game.COLUMBUS, OH – SEPTEMBER 19: Quarterback Cardale Jones #12 of the Ohio State Buckeyes warms up before the game against the Northern Illinois Huskies at Ohio Stadium on September 19, 2015 in Columbus, Ohio. (Photo by Andrew Weber/Getty Images)Cardale Jones has until 11:59 p.m. E.T. to decide his future as a college football player. Will the redshirt sophomore declare for the NFL Draft or opt to return to Ohio State for another season? It’s one of the most intriguing decisions we’ve ever seen from a college football player. Jones has started just three games at the college level, but they were three incredible starts – wins against Wisconsin, Alabama and Oregon – leading the Buckeyes to the national championship. If he decides to return to Columbus, there’s no guarantee he’ll be the starter for Urban Meyer in 2015 – J.T. Barrett and Braxton Miller could both be back, too. Jones is 22. Age wise, he’s ready. Physically, he’s probably ready, too. But is he ready mentally? Does that even matter? ESPN NFL Draft analyst Mel Kiper believes Jones could be a second-round pick in this year’s draft, but has the potential to be a top-five pick and the No. 1 QB taken in 2016 if he returns to school, wins the starting job and improves. Here’s what people are saying the Ohio State quarterback should do: Cardale Jones should declare for the NFL draft. His stock can’t get any higher. He would be perfect as a backup for Big Ben for example.— Linda Cohn (@lindacohn) January 15, 2015If Cardale is leaving he has to say so by 11:59 tonight. But he’ll still have 72 hours to change his mind, return.— Ryan Ginn (@RyanGinnBSB) January 15, 2015In my opinion, Cardale Jones should declare for the draft just to get the extra three days to think about it. If you don’t, it’s done today.— Ryan Ginn (@RyanGinnBSB) January 15, 2015Our poll on whether Cardale Jones should go to NFL or stay at Ohio State: 65% go, 35% stay— Doug Lesmerises (@DougLesmerises) January 15, 2015Today is the day Cardale Jones must decide if he should turn pro or stay. His stock never will be hotter–but he could use more seasoning.— Tom Dienhart (@BTNTomDienhart) January 15, 2015So many in NFL think Cardale Jones should/will come out. Decision today. True overnight (or three game) sensation— Dan Wetzel (@DanWetzel) January 15, 2015‘s Rob Rang has Cardale Jones rated as high as the second round, right after Winston-Mariota.— Dennis Dodd (@dennisdoddcbs) January 15, 2015Cardale Jones has an unprecedented, complex choice between school and the NFL. “If it’s my son, I’d tell him to go.”— Adam Kilgore (@AdamKilgoreWP) January 14, 2015What would you do if you were Jones? Stay or go?last_img read more